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   Chapter 279 I Will Take You Away

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In front of the nature, humans were as small as ants.

The snow mountain was like an elegant goddess. When it wanted to kill people, it looked sad and beautiful.

Before the disaster happened, there was no sign at all.

There was almost no sound.

Hearing the shout of Nancy, Stefan looked back and saw a large area of white snow body rushing towards them.

Between heaven and earth, all the scenes were blurred, leaving only snow-white.

It was like a sad and beautiful slow shot in a movie.

What he could really feel was only his violent heartbeat.

His first reaction was not to run away. His eyes reflected the face of Nancy.

'I won't leave you alone here.'

He reached out his hand to Nancy.

Nancy held his hand, and her heart seemed to be grasped by something.

"Run!" She shouted.

But the moment she stepped forward, she fell into the snow.

Nancy let go of Stefan's hand.

A strong hand grabbed her ankle and dragged her back.

Nancy turned around anxiously and saw Terry with a dagger in his hand.

His knife was so sharp that it had been stabbed into Nancy's shank. Terry pulled the knife down and made a cut.

Nancy couldn't stand up.

Terry's eyes were full of hatred.

Even if he didn't say anything, just looking at his blood red eyes, she could hear his roar around her ears, "Die together!

Blood became the only color in the world.

The dazzling blood slowly infiltrated into the white snow.

"I can't leave, and you can't live either." Gritting his teeth, he used all his strength to rush to Nancy's waist and pressed her under him.

He wanted to stab Nancy's neck.

Nancy was anxious and frightened, so she had to wrestle with him and knocked off the knife in his hand, unable to get rid of him at the first time.

The white snow mist was like a demon and was about to pounce on her.

She looked up at Stefan and shouted, "Don't mind me. Run! The further you run, the better! Run beside. Avoid the snow slide region. Hurry up!"

Terry was so strong that she couldn't move. In this case, even if Stefan looked back, he could do nothing.

Nancy's leg was badly injured, and she might not be able to leave.

The snow slide was so fierce that it could swallow everything in an instant.

"Run!" She stared at Stefan's face and looked away desperately.

She knew that the farther he ran, the more likely he would survive.

"Ha-Ha, if you piss off the Holy Mountain, a


"Are you cold? Come closer."

It was Stefan's voice.

She tried to move her hand, and the illusion disappeared. It was true.

She was still alive.

Still alive.

"Can you move? Come closer to me..." Stefan's weak voice was not far away.

Nancy asked, "Where are you?"

Under the dim light, Stefan looked at her and said, "Stop pretending. I saw you open your eyes. Don't ask questions. Come here quickly."

"Where am I?" Nancy sat up, but she couldn't move her legs. It was so painful to move.

The cut given by Terry was so deep that she couldn't exert any strength in her calf muscles.

Leaning against the wall, Stefan looked around and said, "I don't know where we are. I woke up here. It looks like a cave. Maybe it's the buried Temple. Isn't it cold? Come here quickly. I'll hug you."

He couldn't move at all. His legs were stiff and his waist was numb.

Nancy said, "Why can I only hear your voice? Where are you? Why is this place so dark?"

Looking into her eyes, Stefan's heart sank.

Nancy was looking in his direction.

Why did she say she couldn't see?

He fumbled in his pocket and took out a lighter.

Before figuring out the surrounding environment, it was a big taboo to ignite a fire in such an underground cave. If he was not careful, he would be burned.

But Stefan couldn't care it.

His heart ached, and he was about to suffocate.

He pressed the lighter and a flame rose.

"You... Did you see me? See the fire?" He asked in a trembling voice.

Nancy looked over in the direction of his voice, "Are you kidding me? It's dark. There's no fire!"

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