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   Chapter 260 I'm Going To Meet Her

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In the evening, Nancy stayed in the hospital with Henry.

Because he couldn't move his hands anymore. If he wanted to read, Nancy had to read for him.

While reading those obscure medical books, she fell asleep on her stomach.

Henry moved his hand and gently touched her face.

"Nancy?" he asked softly.

Nancy didn't move.

"Is my book more effective than sleeping pills? If you can't fall asleep again, I'll punish you for reading for me." Henry closed his eyes with a smile.

Nancy didn't wake up until midnight.

She felt her arms were numb. She was surprised that she could fall asleep.

Did it mean that the symptoms had been better?

On the second day, she arrived at Shawn's Research Institute at the appointed time.

After they met, she immediately told him what had happened last night.

"Really? You fell asleep naturally last night? It's good for you," Shawn said in surprise.

He took a sip of coffee and felt that Mocha was very smooth and sweet today.

"It proves that my treatment is effective," He looked at Nancy with a smile, "but it's just a coincidence. You didn't slept for too long. You can't be blindly optimistic."

Nancy said, "Cut the crap. Let's start."

If she didn't remind it, Shawn would forget they had something else to do today.

Nancy was willing to come to the Research Institute, which proved that she attached great importance to this matter.

Without saying anything more, Nancy lay down on the lounge chair expertly.

Shawn drew the curtain, turned the light down and handed a blanket to Nancy.

"Is the temperature appropriate?" he asked softly and turned on the music at the same time.

Lying on the bed, Nancy turned to look at him and asked, "Didn't your mother lock you at home when she knew I had an appointment with you?"

"Don't have any prejudice against my mother," Shawn said, "she is actually a very open-minded mom. She seldom interferes with me since childhood and supports my work very much. I don't know why she acts like a natural enemy when she sees you."

"She hates me so much. Why did she allow you to treat me?" Nancy asked.

"After I told her yesterday, I thought she would stop me. I didn't expect that she didn't say anything," Shawn smiled gently and made a few psychological hints in front of Nancy, "let's start."

Not long after she was hypnotized, following the guidance of Shawn, Nancy woke up soon and said seriously, "I remember it."

"Really?" Shawn said, "can you draw the appearance of the murderer now?"

Seeing that Nancy nodded, he said, "do you want to call the police and ask them to come here?"


"Fuck off! I don't order any red wine!" The man roared.

"Really? Would you like to check it with your partner, sir?" Simon raised his head and looked into the room. When the man turned his head, Simon threw the invisible monitor into the man's hood.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I made a mistake. The red wine is ordered by the guest in the next room." He lowered his head and smiled when the door was closed.

He pushed the dining car and slowly walked back to the elevator, as if he was talking to himself, "Hey, Nancy, I've thrown the monitor in. You can record what they said as evidence. I've completed my task. I've invited a beautiful director to drink, so I'll leave first."


As Nancy spoke, she took out the headphones and turned on the mobile phone software. She stared at Stefan and said, "Listen to it first, and then decide whether to follow me or not."

Stefan frowned and listened carefully.

Jenny was saying something angrily. "What a loser! You couldn't kill her that day, and you even lost her on the way. If she really went to the police station and drew your face, it doesn't matter if you are in jail. Don't implicate me. This is the ticket. Go abroad and hide yourself for a while..."

"Mrs. Jenny, how about the money you promised to give us? After all, we have helped you deal with Allen. He can't pester you anymore. You can't burn the bridge after crossing it..."

Hearing this, Stefan felt very uncomfortable.

He had already guessed it, but it was still hard for him to accept it.

"Mrs. Jenny was hiring someone to kill me. Am I right? I'm going to meet her. Will you go with me?" asked Nancy, raising her eyebrows.

She knew which hotel and which room Jenny was in. Simon also left her the room card.

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