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   Chapter 258 Crazy Miss Bai

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One day, the Mu family's mansion was more lively than usual.

Today was Colin's birthday. After the first infusion, his condition was stable. With the new drugs from foreign research institute, the cancer cells were temporarily controlled.

"Let's pick Dad up for his birthday. I'm sure we can give him a surprise." Sherry got into the car first.

It was rare for her to have a family trip, and her two brothers had also come back. She was in a good mood, and the sky looked very blue today.

"Shawn, have you confirmed with the hospital? Your father's health condition can't stand such a torture?" Jenny followed him into the car.

Sitting on the driver's seat, Shawn turned around and said, "Don't worry. I just come back for dinner and stay for one more night. It's okay."

"You can just send a driver to pick them up." Impatiently, Stefan fastened his seat belt and said, "What surprise? He may not be happy to see us all."

"Well, Stefan, it's weekend anyway. You don't have anything else to do. Don't be so ruthless, okay?" Sherry said, "Even if dad is happy, he won't smile. But he would feel relieved to see you all go. I have made a lot of plans for Dad's birthday. I'm sure he will be happy."

The family went out excitedly.

They didn't notice the difference of the gardener who was removing grass in front of the gate.

Watching the car drive away, the gardener took off the peaked cap on his head. There was a slight scar on his fair face.

Among the several gardeners, Simon was the most handsome.

He put down the weeding machine, took off his equipment, walked to his car, put on the Bluetooth headset, and said, "Young lady, everyone is leaving. You can start now."

"Got it."

On the other side of the earphone, Nancy said calmly, "You can do what you should do. You will be busy tomorrow."

Simon pulled down the sun blind, scratched his hair in front of the small mirror and said, "You must have never seen such a handsome gardener."

Nancy chuckled and hung up the phone.

The sun was scorching. She squinted, took the gift and walked into the hospital.

Hearing the knock on the door, Colin said coldly, "Come in."

He was surprised to see Nancy on the weekend.

"Miss Nancy, what can I do for you?" He said.

From his expression, it was obvious that he had forgotten

make it for you?" Jenny asked.

"So what?" With a cold snort, Colin said, "If you are here to quarrel, get out of here. Miss Nancy, bring me the chopsticks..."

He glared at Jenny and said, "Don't hinder me from eating long-life noodles. I can't eat it when I see you like this."

Nancy handed the chopsticks to him.

Jenny stopped Nancy and knocked off the chopsticks in her hand.

What's more, she turned the table over.

With a loud bang, all the dishes on the table were served to the ground.

"Well, don't think I don't know what you are up to? Do you think you can share the Mu Group's property after you serve him well and make him happy? No way!" Jenny held Nancy's hand, and the red crystal nail polish was deeply embedded into her flesh.

Although she said in a low voice, everyone present heard her.

"Jenny Bai!" Staring at the mess on the ground, Colin's face turned scarlet with anger.

These were all carefully prepared by Winnie, and he didn't eat anything.

It was just a waste.

God knew how Winnie felt when she prepared these.

"Do you feel sorry for her? I'll make you feel sorry." Jenny seemed to be ready to risk everything. She pulled off the scarf on Colin's shoulders, threw it on the ground and stepped on it.

The slender heels of the high-heeled shoes were constantly rolling over the soft scarf.

Colin felt that his heart was also crushed by the heels.

"Why are you all standing there? Your mother is crazy. Don't you see that? Hurry up and pull her!" He shouted at his three children.

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