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   Chapter 257 Let Me Have a Try

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"As far as I know," Simon said, "This is not the only deal between Max and Allen. They have been connected a long time ago."

A long time ago?

"When is it?" Nancy asked.

"When I was at school, my uncle asked me to investigate something." Simon said, "At that time, Star Electronic was developing a new product line. Later, the technology leaked, and the technology patent was registered by a small company first. My uncle suspected that there was a renegade in Star Electronic."

"Is it Allen?" Nancy asked numbly.

She remembered it.

At that time, Allen had just started his internship in Star Electronic. Regardless of her father's objection, she foolishly bought a house for him with her own private money.

Later, her father found it, so she and her farther had a big quarrel because of this matter.

She ran away from home and moved to live with Allen for a long time.

She was too young at that time.

She had thought her father looked down upon Allen because of the lack of money in his family.

Simon stopped talking. Silence represented everything.

He sighed and said, "I asked my uncle why he didn't tell you everything. He said you knew it and couldn't understand what happened in the business world. He didn't want to see you sad."

Nancy felt a little sad, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't have any evidence. At that time, you loved him so much that you even wanted to cut off the relationship with your family for him. How dare I tell you?" Said Simon.

"The Gao family is such a big group. Why is it against Star Electronic?" Nancy frowned and said, "At that time, Star Electronic was just a small company at the beginning. In my impression, my father was exhausted every day in order to get investment and loan from the bank."

"I don't know. Max is known as the small Sleep Dragon in the business world. He always likes to purchase those small companies with potential. Many small companies are suppressed by the Gao family and are about to go bankrupt, so they have to yield to the Gao family." Simon didn't say everything. He changed the subject and said, "Let's not go back to the past. The two million Yuan in the account of Allen this time is probably the reward for the

een turned dark, he clicked again quickly.

Finally, he saw the words read behind the message.

Nancy took out her phone and frowned. She had wanted to reply to him, "It was none of your business."

Suddenly, she thought of the cold on Stefan's face. She just replied with a muscular expression.

She lay on the sofa of Simon's house.

The soft light of the floor lamp fell on her face, making her face covered with a layer of golden light.

Simon turned around, took a picture of her and sent it to her.

"Why did you take pictures of me?" Nancy sat up quickly and rubbed her hair casually.

"Look at yourself. You are a girl who is longing for love." Simon said, "I've analyzed a lot just now. Are you out of your mind? It's time to guess. It's Mrs. Mu who asked Allen to deceive you to go there and kill you. Who are you sending messages?"

Nancy said, "It's none of your business."

She coughed coldly and patted herself on the face.

Looking at the photo sent by Simon, she felt that the person on it was a little strange. How could she have such an expression?

"What are you going to do?" Simon asked.

"I will know the answer whether or not Miss Bai wants to kill me soon." Raising her eyebrows, Nancy said, "I'll have a try."

"How do you try?" Asked Simon.

"I will use myself as a bait." With a sinister smile, Nancy said, "Use her son to have a try. Doesn't she hate me and want me to die? I will piss her off first and see what she will do."

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