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   Chapter 256 Don't Underestimate the Technical House

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"You can go back now. I'm not used to staying here at night."

In the ward of the hospital, Colin drove Stefan out.

It was not because he was not used to having his son by his side, but because Stefan had not recovered from his cold and looked pale.

Colin just wanted him to go back and have a rest.

He didn't think too much.

Hearing what Stefan said before he left, he realized that his son misunderstood him again.

"Dad, if brother is with you, you will get used to it."

Stefan smiled and walked out of the ward.

He was indeed tired. Too many things had happened during this period of time, which made him under great pressure all the time.

It was time for him to have a good rest.

Tomorrow was weekend. Mr. Ning had postponed his schedule for the next two days.

Stefan returned to the Mu Mansion.

At least he had his family here, not alone.

Most importantly, he was worried about what had happened when Jenny said that their property had been taken over by someone else.

As soon as he came back, he went to Jenny's room and wanted to ask her about it.

When he walked to the door, he heard the sound of Jenny smashing something.

Stefan alertly stood outside the door.

'It's not my fault. Miss Bai, you spoke too loudly.'

Jenny was yelling at her phone, "Loser! Loser! Didn't you say that everything would be fine? How dare you ask me for money since you haven't handled everything well?"


Stefan keenly felt that there was something wrong about it.

Who asked her for money?

Her husband was lying in the hospital, fighting against death. But she didn't go to the hospital for a whole day, as if she didn't care at all.

And according to the aunt, she dressed up well every day and went out.

Where was she going?

What was she busy with?

"I warn you, you'd better deal with the matter thoroughly. If I were involved, you wouldn't blame me for being rude."

Jenny said fiercely.

The tone of her voice made Stefan, who was standing outside the door, feel a chill on his back.

Jenny stopped for a long time.

Stefan raised his hand and was about to knock on the door.

All of a sudden, he heard Jenny's phone rang, and his hand stopped there.

"Wait, wait! How long do you want me to wait? I've told you that she is the daughter of Clark Mu! Chill? How can I calm down? What did you promise me? Help me get rid of her. In the end, you did nothing. Allen was just an idiot. How could you


"Ah..." Sherry tried her best to protect the card. While pulling it, she stared at the computer screen and said, "I found it! I found it!"

"Who is it?" Stefan asked.

"This card is not verified by its real name, but it is frequently used. I guess it is someone's private number. This card not only contacts Miss Bai, but also has a call record with several numbers. From the numbers he called, I guess that it is most likely from Rising Group. Uncle Gao." Sherry drew back her neck, pulled down her lips and said inexplicably, "I feel sorry for dad."

"Max Gao?"

"Max Gao?"

At the same time, in front of Simon's computer, Nancy also made the same doubt.

"Yes." Simon called out all the information and said, "It was a bank account of UBS AG that transferred two million Yuan to Allen. According to the information collected by Baron before, I found this account... He might be the chairman of Rising Group. Max Gao."

"In other words, the person who pushed Allen down the stairs might be under the command of Max?" Nancy said in silence.

She was wondering why Max wanted her life.

She didn't know him at all.

"Max has a lot of overseas accounts, and the information Baron has collected is not complete. But we have found this account, which proves that it is a frequently used account of him." Simon looked at Nancy and said with his eyes, "Do you understand?

Nancy nodded and said, "You mean that the murderer can't be Max. Besides, as I knew, the JS Resort that Allen reserved belonged to the property of Gao family. He has no reason to buy murder in his own territory. Then why did he give Allen two million?"

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