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   Chapter 255 One Life Worthy of Two Million

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Nancy's first reaction was to look up. She saw a black figure flashing by on the top floor.

That was the murderer.

The murderer who pushed Allen down.

If it weren't for the boy who played with the water gun, she might have become a pool of blurry flesh and blood on the ground.

"Ah! Someone jumped off the building!"

Someone screamed.

The guests living on the two or three floor heard the scream and walked out of the balcony to have a look.

Nancy saw someone raising the phone to take photos and immediately walked away.

She turned her back to the wall and fixed her eyes on Allen.

He was dead.

His skeleton seemed to be broken, and he was lying there.

Her eyes widened.

His round eyes were much bigger than when he was angry. It seemed that they were about to jump out of his body the next second.

When he fell to the ground, his face had been deformed after touching the ground.

Although it was late at night, there was a beautiful scenery in the parking lot. Colorful lights were everywhere, making his face colorful.

The blood was not so red, and it was black.

But his eyeballs were very distinct, with sharp contrast between black and white.

As time went by, no one called the police. Most of the people were busy posting on micro-blog and the circle of friends.

Everyone was busy sharing this funny thing.

From the very beginning, the camera kept flashing with white light, as if it was a silent sneer.

After Nancy stood against the wall for about five minutes, the manager of the hotel came.

She stared at her shoes, which were stained with Allen's brains.

Nancy felt a little annoyed. It was very dirty, but she didn't want to wipe it away with her hand. She was afraid that it was still hot when she touched it. What should she do?

There were more and more people.

Nancy calmly squeezed through the crowd and returned to the car. She was eager to leave this place.

She was still frightened.

Her hands were still shaking.

She thought that over the years, she had become cold-blooded enough to be used to killing and would no longer be touched.

But the truth was not.

Human beings were afraid of death no matter where or when.

Only psychopath was not afraid of death.

She was almost done.

Who was it?

If Allen smashed her, it would be a perfect thing for some people.

The other party must have figured it out.

The gravitational accelerated force was strictly calculated, and the time it would take for Allen to fall from the top floor and the time she arrived here were also calculated.

If she was smashed, it

hell with Allen."

"After all, you two can't be together. Don't think about it." Said Simon.

"Can you stop joking? I'm serious." Nancy said, "It's just one step. It's really good. The method is like that of SR. It's too dark and the building is too high. I haven't seen the murderer's face at all."

"Since you haven't got anything, there is no reason for SR to kill you." Said Simon.

Seeing that he was very professional, Nancy teased him, "If you can live a stable life in the future, you can go to the pedestrian bridge to apply the film. Facing the scar on your face and the mysterious broken finger, you will definitely be able to make a lot of money, and maybe you can make a hit on the micro-blog."

"I'm so handsome that even the director of the TV station is fascinated by me. Do you want me to go to the footbridge to apply the facial mask? Girl, don't be so mean." Simon smiled and said, "I'll open a small shop that specializes in repairing computers and phones."

"Did you get the quota from the director?" Nancy asked.

Simon replied, "Of course!"

"Is it because of the hidden rules?"

Hearing her words, Simon picked up a screw driver and flew towards the back of her head.

Nancy seemed to have eyes on her back. She dodged and took the screw driver only with her hand.

"You can't even kill me with a living man. Save it." She said.

Simon finally changed the screen and turned on his phone.

"From the text record, I can see that Allen just received a remittance of two million yesterday. Well, girl, your life is quite valuable. He tricked you there and easily received two million." Simon said, "Follow the investigation and find out who the remitter is. Then you will know who wants to kill you."

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