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   Chapter 254 Not A Contemptible Scoundrel

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Nancy was asked out of the ward by Henry's surgeon.

She stood in the office, staring at the brain CT images and listening to the doctors' explanation.

In fact, no one could tell why.

"Miss Nancy, it's hard to say. Sometimes it's a disease, and sometimes it's a psychological one. It needs time to recover. From the X-ray, there is no abnormality, but it's not rare in clinical. You..."

"Can he be cured?" Nancy interrupted and asked directly.

'Could he recover? This was the key.

It doesn't matter if he remembers me or not. Can he be a doctor later? Can he take a scalpel later?

"The current situation is not very clear. Let's observe for a period of time. Tomorrow, we will cooperate with many departments to carefully discuss Dr.Yang's condition, and make a recovery plan as soon as possible."

Nancy walked out of the office stiffly.

When she returned to the ward, she almost didn't dare to go in.

According to the current situation, he remembered all the people, and there was no problem with his cognition.

'Just forget me? Have you forgotten what happened that day?'

When Wendy came with soup, she saw Nancy standing outside the ward.

"Nancy, what's wrong with you? Why don't you go in?" Noticing that Nancy didn't look well, Wendy was a little worried. She held Nancy's hand and found that it was very cold.

"Is there anything wrong with Henry?" She was extremely worried.

"No." Nancy forced a smile and said, "He's awake. He's fine."

"Then why are you standing here like this? Why are you lying to me?" Holding her hand, Wendy pushed the door open.

"Mom, you are here. When did you come?"

Henry said weakly.

Wendy was a little stunned. She looked back at Nancy and asked, "What's going on, Nancy?"

"It's okay. Don't worry." Said Nancy.

'It's good that he can still remember his mother.

That's good.'

Because of her smile, she said "don't worry" as if nothing had happened, which made Wendy frown more tightly.

"Mom, did you make soup for me? Where did you do it? I live in the dormitory of the hospital, where there is no kitchen..." Henry said softly.

This time, Wendy was stunned.

She poured out the soup and almost spilled it.

"Of course I did it at home." She said worriedly.

"Which house?"

Henry's anesthetic was gone, and he grimaced in pain, as if a knife was cutting his bone. He didn't want his mother to worry about him, so he pretended to be fine and kept chatting to distract his attention.

He glanced at Nancy from time to time.

He wondered why this girl had been standing here and didn't leave.

Wendy said, "It there another house? It's the house you bought."

"I've bought a house. I'm working in the hospital. I haven't got my first month's salary yet. How can I have the money to buy a house?"

Hearing Henry's words

d, his elder brother could get the recognition easily. However, he always fought hard to get a praise from Colin.

"Yes, I've found it out. It was Allen who took the opportunity to revenge and contacted the reporters. He posted the news on the Internet." Said Stefan.

"Humph, just him?" Colin didn't approve, "He has no backer. How dare he? It's as easy as killing an ant for me to kill him."

"Do you want to start working?" Stefan asked.

Of course, he was referring to dealing with Allen.

Colin shook his head and said, "He is just a contemptible scoundrel. Let him dance for two more days. We don't know the person behind him. That's the point."

When Colin said this, he didn't know that Allen had jumped off, but not the girder.

He jumped off the building.

Nancy arrived at the designated hotel. In order to leave soon, she didn't park her car in the stereo garage of the inn.

She parked the car in the parking lot behind the hotel building.

"1748." Nancy read the room number and murmured, "Allen, you are too bad. What room number did you choose? You go to hell. No one will die with you."

She walked forward. On the balcony of the second floor, there was a kid who was shooting her with a water gun.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! A beautiful girl!" The child was laughing.

In order to avoid the water, Nancy took a step back.

She raised her head and was about to scold the child when she suddenly saw a black thing falling from the sky and falling on her toes.

"Wow, mom, come here. Someone fell from the sky." The boy on the two floor burst into tears.

Nancy stood there in a daze, only one step away. It should have hit her.

She broke out in a cold sweat and got goose bumps when she saw the person on the ground.


The man's face had already been distorted, and the blood quickly spread out, and his brains splashed on her shoes.

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