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   Chapter 252 Message of Mr. Zhang

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"What's wrong with you?"

Raymond asked, worrying about Nancy.

Nancy got off the car and didn't look well.

Raymond felt that she had changed into another person.

When she was in the hospital, she looked very gentle in front of Henry and her mother, like a thorny rose, swaying in the wind and rain.

But now, she was suddenly armed to the teeth, giving off a "dangerous" aura.

"The phone call just now was not for work, right?" Raymond asked.

With a heavy slam on the door, Nancy took a deep breath and said to him calmly, "Captain Gu, don't you even care about this?"

"I was entrusted by Bruce to take care of you for him. He said he treated you as his own daughter and didn't want anything bad to happen to you." Raymond said these words with excessive sentimentality.

It was strange, for any cold man could say something strange in front of Nancy.

He coughed and said, "Don't get me wrong. I asked you so many questions just because I treated you as my friend. Well, if you need any help, just let me know. I'm leaving."

Nancy waved at him.

'Do you think I'm a mouse?'

Raymond glanced at the Mu Group worriedly before leaving.

Nancy turned around and looked down at the photo sent by Allen.

In the picture, Allen held the U disk in his hand and smiled evilly.

They hadn't seen each other for a few years, and he looked more and more obscene. Nancy sighed and replied, "Where did you get it?" Maybe it was fake.

Without further ado, Allen sent her an address.

As soon as Nancy entered the elevator, a claw stretched out before she could see the address.

When he followed the elevator, Nancy had noticed him. She didn't embarrass him in front of the employees.

Now he was asking too much and wanted to grab the phone?

When the elevator door closed, Nancy grabbed his hand and twisted it back. She pressed his back and said impolitely, "Mr. Mu, do you want to taste the floor?"

Stefan said, "You weren't like this before."

"I was too polite to you in the past, so I was drugged by you when you tricked me. I finally escaped from your claws, so I must be on guard against you." Said Nancy.

Looking askance at the elevator floor, Stefan said, "Let go of me. We're almost there."

"One meter away from me." Said Nancy coldly.

"Okay." Stefan said through gritted teeth. Apparently, he was not reconciled.

Nancy let go of him and stood far away. She looked down at her phone and found that it was powered off automa

ndow and pressed the button of the mist glass.

"The chairman has asked me to tell you everything I have learnt from this trip." Said Mr. Zhang.

Nancy didn't expect that Colin was so kind. She thought it would take her a lot of time to make up a story.

"Please." Nancy sat down and listened carefully.

Mr. Zhang told him all the information he had collected, and finally said with a frown, "I couldn't find the traces of the divine temple. The divine temple was hidden in the snow mountain, and the guide didn't know the exact location of the divine temple. With our equipment and strength, if we entered, we would die. He didn't dare to take us to risk. We also tried to climb the mountain, but we almost couldn't come back because of the wind and snow on the way, and then we met a local alpine club. The leader was experienced. He knew the way to the temple, but no matter how much I could give him, he didn't tell me. You can try to find him. This is his name card, with his phone and club address. His name is Terry."

Mr. Zhang handed a business card to Nancy.

Taking it over and having a look, Nancy thought to herself, 'Erik is so weird. It's just a will. Why did he hide it so difficultly? Why did he hide it in a temple in a remote mountain? He even wanted to dig a hole and bury it. Did he want to puzzle the offspring?'

'Who the hell is Terry? He doesn't even tell it no matter how much money he would get.

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't want the money?'

Taking a lesson from the previous experience of the Third Lane, Nancy wrote down the information of Terry and threw the business card into the shredder.

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