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   Chapter 250 Major Discovery

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At the Qingyang Branch.

Raymond took her team members to work the whole night and fell asleep on the table.

Howard rushed in and shouted, "Boss, we found something!"

One of the police officers was startled by his roar.

"I have found something important!" Howard came back with breakfast in his hand. His face was full of joy.

"Cut the crap!" Raymond picked up the ashtray on the table, which was filled with cigarette butts.

He had smoked a box of cigarettes the whole night, so his voice was so hoarse.

He took the soy milk from Howard, took a sip and put it down.

"You sneaked away in the middle of the night. You said you were going to investigate. Don't let me know that you were slacking off."

Raymond gave Howard a slap.

Howard said, "I'm not slacking off. I've really investigated it. I bought the soy milk and deep fried dough sticks from the Third Lane. I've heard that in the Third Lane, only Feng who sells deep fried dough sticks is a friend of Edgar Li. In that year, they moved to the Third Lane together. When I visited them, there were many people around, and Feng didn't open the door and refused to see me. I had no choice but to stop him and help him sell the deep fried dough sticks before dawn. That's why I got the news."

"Say it." Raymond took a deep fried dough stick. They heard that it was fried by Howard, so they all ran over and took them.

Howard cleared his throat and said seriously, "Edgar Li looked like a kind person seemingly, but he wasn't honest at all. When he was young, he worked as a security guard in the nursing school with Feng. He was fired by the nursing school because of an accident. Then he moved to the Third Lane and became a good man."

"What did he do?" Someone asked.

Howard said, "According to Feng, he took advantage of a female student in the nursing school. I asked him hard and knew that it was not that simple. Edgar was so bold that he sneaked into the female bathroom and raped a girl."

"Why didn't you call the police?" Raymond asked.

Someone said coldly, "More than 10 years ago, in that era, a more than 10 year old girl dared to call the police for such a thing?"

"Well, you are wrong." Howard said, "I heard from Feng that the girl is not a steamed bun. She can't bear it and told the school about the matter. It seems that the school has promised some benefits and assignment to her to suppress the matter. They didn't call the police. Edgar was expelled from the school. Be


At this time, there was footsteps coming from the resuscitation room. Nancy stood up all of a sudden.

The doctor in charge of emergency treatment came out. Nancy walked over and asked nervously, "How is Henry? He..."

"Don't worry. The operation is very successful. Everything is fine."

Hearing these words, Nancy came back to her senses, and her dull eyes regained their vitality.

It was fine that he was alive.

It was fine that he was alive.

But when Henry was pushed out, Nancy couldn't help biting her fingers.

Was he a human being?

He was lying on the bed with bandage all over his body, leaving only the position of his eyes.

Wendy also arrived at the hospital.

"What's wrong, Nancy? What happened?" She came over quickly and saw Henry on the bed, holding Nancy and sobbing.

"Everything was fine last night. He called me this morning. It was just a moment ago. Didn't he go to see you? Why did this happen?"

Nancy held Wendy in her arms and listened to her crying. Her nose was sour and tears were rolling in her eyes.

'Yes, how could this be?

My god.

You are so cruel.

Why did you let me see it with my own eyes? If Henry didn't be saved, I would hate myself to death.'

In the resuscitation room on the other side, the doctor came out and shouted, "A family member of Eileen?"

Raymond and Howard ran over.

Was she dead? That was the point.

"Eileen is out of danger temporarily, but her brain was seriously damaged because of the strong impact. I'm afraid..."

Raymond heard the doctor's words. He turned around and looked at the back of Nancy.

"Why could I see you everywhere?'

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