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   Chapter 249 Fatal Drift

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At night in the city, there were always many souls that could not be placed anywhere.

Lonely people liked to paralyze themselves with alcohol. Only when they were drunk could they feel the meaning of life.

"Hello, your friend is drunk in our bar. A group of people are entangling with her. The situation is not good. I found the speed dial from her phone. Is it convenient for you to pick her up?"

In the duty room of the hospital, Henry was lying on his side and watching the news with his mobile phone.

It was so late. He saw the caller ID: Eileen.

He paused for a long time before answering the phone.

Hearing the bartender's voice, he quickly picked up the car key, put on his coat and went out.

If human's loneliness had color, it should be thick black.

There was light that could dispel darkness, but nothing could easily dispel loneliness.

The moment Eileen saw Henry walk into the bar, she felt that death was worth it. He came to find her, and he cared about her. That was enough.

"Get out of my way! My man is here!" She was so drunk that she waved at Henry with a smile.

Several men beside her, holding wine bottles, rushed at Henry.

Eileen looked at Henry through her drunken eyes. At that moment, he was like a hero flying in the sky. Although he was not good at fighting, and even if he was bullied, he was still her hero.

In the morning, when she woke up, she found herself lying in the most familiar small bed in the hospital's single apartment.

She felt the happiest thing was that she opened her eyes and saw that person, Dr. Yang, whom she missed so much.

But the next second, she couldn't laugh. Henry, who was neatly dressed and wrapped in a coat, curled up at the window and hadn't woken up yet.

There were bruises on his face after he was beaten. With a broken pair of glasses in his hand, his handsome face was totally ruined.

She walked over, stood beside him and looked at him quietly.

The hangover gave her a splitting headache. She stretched out her hand and wanted to touch Henry's wound. Her hand froze there and she gradually remembered what happened last night.

Last night, she was so brave that she confessed her love to him, regardless of courtesy, shame and self-esteem.

Henry ignored her.

Even when she begged him not to be responsible but to have a one night stand, Henry just lowered his head and said that he had a girlfriend.

His hands were punctured by the beer bottle, which were a pair of hands used to save lives and heal the wounded.

He kept shaking his head and sat far away decisively. He found hydrogen peroxide and bandage himself, and his face was full of pain.

"Eileen, please don't do this. Nancy is a good girl. I won't do anything wrong to her. You are also a g

xt to her.

She suddenly turned around and saw a white Volkswagen POLO. The car seemed to have lost control and flew straight over.

The speed was so fast that it made people feel dizzy.

"Nancy, move! Move!"

A familiar voice made Nancy look up.

Hearing Henry's roar, Nancy saw her car rushing out from behind the white Volkswagen.

Through the glass of the car, Nancy saw Henry's injured face and the fierceness in his eyes.

At that moment, Henry seemed to be possessed by death.


He looked straight at Nancy and stepped on the accelerator.

"No! Henry, please don't!" Nancy saw his action and his determination. She turned the steering wheel fiercely and saw him pulling up the handbrake without hesitation.

His face was full of anger.

Nancy stared blankly and forgot to dodge. Her heart was twisted into a ball, for it happened too fast.

Henry's car moved sideways and stopped in front of Nancy.

Nancy felt everything was dark in front of her.

The car screeched to a halt, followed by a loud crash, the sound of broken glass, and the screams of people.

Henry sat in the car and the white Volkswagen crashed into him.

"Are you okay?" He had been looking at Nancy all the time, as if he didn't care about the crisis of death around him.

Seeing his smile, Nancy's mind was filled with a loud bang.

Out of control.

Everything was out of control.

"No! Henry! ! ! No! ! !"

Nancy was pulled by passersby. She watched Henry's handsome face being pressed by the airbag.

Countless pieces of broken glass pierced into his face.

The car was pushed far away and finally turned over. All the passing cars stopped.

The crowd dispersed.

Nancy ran madly to Henry in the car.

Tears blurred her eyes. She tried to wipe her tears, trying to see Henry's face clearly and remember his smile.

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