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   Chapter 248 Drawing and Changing Materials

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"You just said you remembered. What did you remember?" Shawn asked.

Nancy looked into his eyes and recalled his reaction just now.

In order to avoid the knife, she fell to the ground.

In the face of unexpected danger, he couldn't disguise his instinct.

If he was good at fighting, he didn't have to hide like this.

"Let me ask you." Closing the door, Nancy stared into Shawn's eyes and said seriously, "Did you touch my coat when you hypnotized me last night?"

"No." After being surprised, Shawn was worried, "Why do you ask this? I won't touch any personal belongings of the patient. If you are worried, the next treatment can be arranged in the research institute, where there is a monitor..."

"When did I fall asleep?" Nancy knew that he had a record and would definitely speak it out.

"For a deep sleep, it's about 1:30 in the morning." Shawn said honestly.

He was not afraid of the knife in her hand, but her eyes were sharper than the knife.

"What are you doing after I fell asleep?" Nancy asked.

Shawn said, "I had a video chat with my friend in the M Country for a while. Then I was too tired and fell asleep on the table until dawn."

According to these, his suspicion could be excluded.

At 1:30, he arrived at the Third Lane from the hotel. After killing people, he rushed back after dealing with it. Time was not enough.

Besides, Shawn didn't seem to be a person with the obsessive-compulsive disorder or mysophobia.

There were still many lipstick marks on his face.

"Go wash your face and start." Nancy's eyes softened and said to him.

"Okay." Shawn walked into the bathroom and found himself in a mess in front of the mirror.

He tried to wipe it with tissue, but he still couldn't wash it away with water.

"Here you are." Standing at the door, Nancy handed him a wet tissue to remove his makeup.

"I'm sorry to let you see me like this. It's not professional at all." Said Shawn.

"Since it's not convenient, just tell me. You don't have to do that." Said Nancy.

"I didn't expect such an emergency." After cleaning his face, Shawn looked back at Nancy and said, "Sometimes life is like this. You never know what will happen. I want to take off my shirt and take a shower. Don't you mind?"

Nancy left.

She went back to the window and thought about what had happened today.

She thought of Henry's allergy, gentle eyes and those sweet words.

Shawn came out in a bathrobe. Although he was a little embarrassed


"Are you afraid of him?" He asked.

Nancy shook her head decisively.

"Then why didn't you draw his expression? Can't you face him?"

Nancy shook her head with a smile, "He is very handsome. I can't draw his face."

Shawn smiled and agreed. Henry had a pretty face.

"Can I keep this painting?" He asked.

"You have to promise me one thing when I give you the painting." Said Nancy.


"You'll go with me to the Dream-hunting Trip of the company." After a long pause, Nancy continued, "This is what the chairman wants."

"Okay." Shawn agreed.

The hypnosis began and Nancy soon fell asleep.

Shawn sent a video request to his colleague in the M Country. He said in fluent English, "Sort out the personal information, working resume, all the papers Michael Yang has published, and all the research he participated in and send them to me. I need everything about him."

After hanging up the video, he was worried and ran to the next room to see Mavis.

Hearing the sound of him going out, Nancy slowly sat up, holding a U disk in her hand. She walked to the table, and happened to receive an email from Henry's computer, which was a compressed file packet.

She copied the documents and lay back on the bed.

'Shawn, I hope your internal information won't disappoint me.

I painstakingly drew such an interesting painting for you. Stealing a document from you is fair.

If it weren't for this, it would be difficult to get the information about Henry's studying abroad. I have no choice, so I take advantage of you because you have told me that you were in the same school with him on the racecourse last time.'

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