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   Chapter 244 I Saw It

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At No. 187, the Third Lane.

At night, the Third Lane was even quieter.

At about 11 o'clock in the evening, all the families had closed, and even some elders had fallen asleep.

Nancy parked the car in the parking lot of the opposite shopping mall.

She stood alone across the street and looked at the small shop No. 187 from afar.

The roll up door of the shop was covered with a police seal, and the outside was surrounded by a yellow cordon.

Nancy analyzed the road silently. If she had come to kill someone last night, where would she have cut in and retreated?

She just stood there quietly.

Her brain had created the 3D images of all the streets around her. She had just roughly walked through them.

How could she not break the lock and not let the surveillance camera take her to the two floors?

Did the dead open the door for the murderer?

At midnight, someone knocked on the door and wanted to buy something. Would he open the door?

A simulation scene appeared in Nancy's mind.

She saw herself standing outside the roll up curtain and slapping it loudly.


As long as there was a loud noise, the people around couldn't hear it.

Nancy came to the back of the room in silence and deliberately bypassed several surveillance cameras.

While walking, she found that there were only three surveillance cameras that could be used along the way.

It was easy to get in from the back door.

The window on the two floor was not high.

The backyard of the neighbor's house was full of saucers and odds. If one came up from this place...

Nancy wanted to have a try.

So she went into the backyard.

She stepped on the sauce tank and quickly turned into the room from the pile of things.

At night, she was like a ghost and disappeared in a flash.

Nancy thought, 'This place is not very high. People with a little strength can get in.'

In order not to destroy the scene, she went in carefully, and behind the window was the sofa. When she came down from the sofa, under the moonlight, she found that there were other footprints besides herself.

There were new footprints.


Nancy became serious.

At this time, someone came in, either he wanted to inquire about the situation, or the murderer returned to the scene.

She took out the steel knife from the scabbard around her waist, held it in her hand, stood on tiptoe and went to the bedroom step by step.

She stopped by the bedroom door and heard the sound of rummaging through the room.

The murderer came back to destroy the evidence?

After calming down a little, Nancy turned around and rushed into the room.

There was indeed a tall man, wearing a mask and gloves, bending over and looki

mpossible for them not to cook. Look at the kitchen ventilator in the kitchen. Even the fruit knife is matched, but the most practical bone cutting knife lacks. Do you think it's possible?"

She looked at Stefan with full care for the fool.

Stefan was still disdainful. Suddenly, Nancy took out the kitchen knife from the scabbard and threw it out.

It happened to be Stefan's position, and he didn't see it clearly. He was so scared that he dodged aside and almost broke his leg.

After being embarrassed, he took a closer look and found that Nancy was still holding the knife steadily and looking at him with a smile.

"Do you know it's illegal to scare people to death, Nancy?" He roared.

Wearing a pair of plastic gloves, Nancy didn't worry about leaving fingerprints. She put the knife back easily.

He walked to Stefan and touched the door frame beside him, where there was a knife mark.

And there was a large pool of blood under the marks.

"I saw it." Said Nancy.

"What did you see?" Stefan asked.

"The victim woke up in the middle of the night and walked out of the room to go to the bathroom. He stood there and found the murderer. Before he could make a sound, the murderer turned around and a bone cutting knife quickly rotated, accurately cutting his artery. At last, it was nailed to the door frame, and blood splashed everywhere. The victim, on the other hand, helplessly covered his throat and sat on the ground. He can't make any sound anymore..."

"Well, stop it." Hearing the description, Stefan felt as if he had smelled the stench of blood and wanted to vomit.

Nancy didn't care about him. She touched the mark and was in a daze.

This force, this depth...

Something flashed through her mind and she seemed to have seen it somewhere, but she couldn't remember it.

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