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   Chapter 242 That's My Love

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Hearing this, Henry was upset even though he pretended to be happy.

He stared at the busy street ahead and clenched the wheel.

The wound on his hand still hurt him.

"That shop is right in front of us. I heard from Eileen in my department that the hairy crabs there are the best. I asked her to book a table for us. You can get off the car and wait for me to park the car,"

Henry said calmly.

He didn't seem to hear what Nancy said.

He was trying to avoid answering anything.

Knowing that he had heard it, Nancy stopped talking and got off the car.

The restaurant was located in the downtown area and there were many special restaurants nearby. The white-collar workers liked to come here for a date after work.

Perhaps it was because Singles' Day was coming. Not only did the e-commerce company try their best to make a fortune, but also the shops in the shopping mall increased the number of bargains. So there were many people shopping.

Nancy stood under a tree with colorful lights on it. Sweet couples were taking photos there.

"Ms., can you help us take the photos?"

The little girl was painted with shiny silkworm, sparkling Japanese eye shadow and red cheeks, which made her really adorable.

Nancy took the phone and took pictures for them.

She realized she was growing old.

She was surprised that the girl had a boyfriend at such a young age.

She thought she was an eyesore, so she went to a dark place.

Even so, Henry saw her at the first sight when he came over.

He saw her in the crowd.

"Why are you standing here?" As he spoke, he held Nancy's hand naturally.

"There are always people asking me to help take photos. I've helped three couples," said Nancy.

Henry smiled, showing his white teeth. He took her hand and walked to the tree just now. He pulled a young couple casually and said politely, "Excuse me, could you please take a photo for us? Thank you!"

Nancy was a little stunned. She didn't mean to say that.

Henry made an eye gesture to her to come over.

Nancy walked to his side and looked up at his side face. The light fell on his face, and his teeth were as white as that of stars in commercials.

"Look!" Henry handed the phone to her and asked, "do I look like a fool?"

Nancy took a look at the photo.

She felt she looked like a fool, because there was only her side face on the photo. She was looking at Henry's face and didn't know when the guy pressed the shutter.

"Am I beautiful?" Nancy doubted.

"You have a small face. It looks good from all angles." Henry posted the photo without hesitation.

"Hey, don't..."

When Nanc

bathroom for such a long time?" Nancy asked, "are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Henry said, "enjoy it. The hairy crabs won't taste good when they are cold. I'll peel them for you. I'm good at it."

"Of course, you can perform brain surgery. It's easier to get a crab," said Nancy.

Henry was really good at eating crabs. He could still knock together the crabs he had eaten.

"Don't pretend that you didn't hear what I said in the car," Nancy looked at him and whispered.

"What do you want to ask? Go ahead." Henry picked up a food cloth and wiped his hands elegantly.

"What medications is my mother taking?" Nancy asked directly.

Henry looked at her in surprise, "You got it?"

Nancy didn't answer, but looked at him quietly.

"I'm sorry," said Henry.

He didn't say anything else.

He did feel guilty.

"I just want to ask you what kind of medicine it is. I don't mean to blame you. You are just following orders," said Nancy.


Nancy was waiting for his answer quietly. She didn't expect that Henry's face turned red at that time. He covered his throat with both hands and kept wheezing. His neck broke out in a rash.

"What's wrong with you?" Nancy stood up, walked to him and anxiously pulled his collar, only to find that his whole body was covered with rashes.

"Are you allergic?" She immediately frowned and said, "Henry, you are allergic to crabs. Why do you come with me? That's why Wendy didn't cook spicy crabs for me, right?"

With great difficulty, Henry squeezed out a few words from his throat, "I'm... I'm... I'm fine. I've brought some medicine with me..."

Nancy took out the antiallergic drugs from his coat pocket and fed him quickly.

After a while, he calmed down and stopped wheezing.

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