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   Chapter 240 Disturbance in the Duty Room

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When Nancy arrived at the hospital, it was off duty time and there were a lot of people.

She had been looking back since the parking lot.

It was all because of her car.

When she arrived at the department of cerebral surgery, a nurse with big eyes was waiting for her.

"Are you here for Dr. Yang? I'm a nurse in the department of cerebral surgery, Eileen."

Eileen greeted.

"Hello." Nancy nodded and smiled, "Is he here?"

Eileen said, "Are you Dr.Yang's girlfriend?"

"Yes, I'm here to pick him up."

Eileen's expression made Nancy very uncomfortable. To be honest, she felt that Eileen's eyes were like the ultrasound probe of the hospital, and she tried to find out the defect from her.

So Nancy didn't say anything more and went straight to Henry's office.

Eileen didn't respond. Looking at the back of Nancy, she felt sad silently.

"Eileen, is Dr. Yang's girlfriend from a rich family?" A nurse came over and asked.

"How do I know?" Said Eileen.

"I think someone in the group has photographed her car. Bentley. She stopped beside Dr. Yang's car. Comparing it with Dr. Yang's.... Alas..."

Eileen said unhappily, "Are you free now? It's none of your business."

That day, Henry uploaded a photo to in the circle of friends, in which Nancy was well-dressed. Sitting on a horse, she inadvertently looked back. The sunlight fell between her eyebrows, and she frowned slightly. That cold and extraordinary temperament made she look like a fairy.

At that time, she was together with several nurses and said that they must have arranged the shooting and revised the drawing. No one's legs were so beautiful.

How could she be so perfect?

It must be Dr. Yang who was good at taking photos, different from ordinary men.

Now she saw the real person. It turned out that the photo was taken casually and pressed the phone. She was really like this. The photo even made her ugly.

The woman's poor vanity was destroyed in an instant, resulting in jealousy.

"She is beautiful, rich and has such a good figure. Dr. Yang found a treasure..."

Eileen listened to these gossips and sighed.

'What do you know? Only when she could be with Dr. Yang did she find a treasure.'

When Nancy arrived at the big office of the department, she didn't see Henry. She went to the duty room and opened the door, only to find that he was changing his clothes in a hurry.

He turned around and gave Nancy a warm smile.


ce on it.

Dr. Yang was willing to spend so much money for her.

She stared at the ring for a long time. The color of the diamond stung her.

'What would it look like if I wore it?'

At that moment, she was a little impulsive and wanted to put the ring on her hand to have a try.

She was holding the diamond in her hand when the door was pushed open all of a sudden.

Eileen was taken aback. The diamond ring fell to the ground and made a crisp sound.

It was Henry who came back.

"Dr. Yang, I... I... I..." Eileen's eyes were red, and she was very embarrassed.

She trembled with fear, like a despicable thief who had been caught.

How she wished there was a hole in the ground to hide.

Did he forget to take the ring back?

Eileen was so anxious that tears fell down. She lowered her head and looked for it in a hurry.

'Where did it fall?

Is it missing? It is worth my salary for half a year.

What would Dr. Yang think of me if it were damaged?'

"Eileen, it's here." Henry bent down and picked up the ring.

Eileen breathed a sigh of relief. She stood straight and watched Henry put the ring back into the box gently with two slender fingers.

"Dr. Yang, I didn't mean to do that. I just think it's beautiful. I..."

As she spoke, Eileen couldn't stop crying.

Henry put the ring away, reached out his hand, patted her on the shoulder and comforted, "It doesn't matter. Why are you crying?"

He handed the tissue to Eileen.

Eileen took the tissue and listened to his gentle voice. She gathered her courage and hugged him.

"Dr. Yang, I like you. I've liked you for a long time..."

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