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   Chapter 239 One Month to Solve the Case

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In the director's office of Qingyang Branch.

It was almost time to go off work when Raymond came here.

He stood in front of his desk and listened quietly. The director was answering a phone call from his superior.

It was an emergency. Before they could report, the overwhelming news had been released.

Raymond refused to accept the interview at the scene. In order to maintain the scene, she almost had a conflict with the media.

He was sure that he would have a place in the social version tomorrow.

Such a vicious killing case had attracted the attention of all the social parties.

Mr. Gou, who had always been fond of bureaucratic tone, became serious.

It was the first time that Raymond came to Qingyang Branch and saw Mr. Gou frown so deeply.

Finally, the director had finished calling until his feet and legs were numb.

"What's going on?" Mr. Gou turned to Raymond to vent his anger after he finished calling.

He smashed the cup on the table with a bang.

"Raymond, what's wrong with you? Are you out of your mind? What are you doing with those reporters? If they take pictures, let them do it. Are you insane to drive them away? I'm facing the transfer at this pass. You! Didn't you make trouble for me?"

Mr. Gou said a lot in one breath, spitting.

He knew that Raymond was personalized and not easy to control. He didn't like flattering others, nor did he use the relationship. In some aspects, he was not ambitious at all.

Mr. Gou had long disliked him.

However, he was a talent and had some background. His family was not ordinary people, and he could also pay for the case. If he couldn't report it, he would pay for it himself. His subordinates were really loyal to him.

So he had to put up with him for ordinary matters.

"Yes, I did." Raymond was unwilling to submit again.

"What are you saying? Just answer them honestly. What did you find on the scene? You can tell them how many people died and what happened. Now, you have offended these people who take advantage of the pen. Just wait and see! It's okay that you don't have any ambitions..." Mr. Gou finally sat down, pounded the table and jumped up, pointing at his head and cursing.

"Come on." Raymond said, "They can come at me. I won't interfere with your promotion. Is that all right?"

"It's easy for you to say that." Mr. Gou said, "You've been standing here for a long time. Did you hear that? How did the superior criticize me? You are my subordinate. Are they coming at you? You are not qualifi

u. In the next month, no one can get off work on time. Even if you don't sleep or eat, you must find out the murderer! Who the hell made an excuse to ask for leave? Get out of here unless you are dead! Do you hear me?"


"Speak louder."


"Dr. Yang? Dr. Yang? Did you hear that?"

Eileen Tian, a nurse in the department of cerebral surgery of people's Hospital, knocked on Henry's table and asked softly.

"Ah!" Henry suddenly came to his senses and asked, "What's wrong? I just had an operation. I'm too tired to recover."

Eileen smiled ambiguously, "Your girlfriend is here! When I was handing over a patient in the emergency department, I happened to see her parking in the back parking lot. I guess she wanted to give you a surprise, so she is about to come up. I remind you."

"Girlfriend?" Henry seemed to be a little flustered. He took off his glasses and rubbed his face.

It was Nancy!

On the day he went to ride a horse, he posted a photo of Nancy on his moments. Although he didn't tell everyone, his colleagues in the department knew it.

"How do I look?" Henry asked.

Eileen looked around and said, "It doesn't matter. The allergic rash has gone down, and it can't be seen anymore. But it's almost time, you still have to take another anti-inflammatory drug."

Henry seemed to care about his image very much. He said, "Eileen, you go to stop me quickly, I at least go to wash my face..."

"Got it."

Eileen left with a smile. She turned around and looked a little sad.

She had been thinking about it since the day Henry went to the hospital, but she had no courage to express her love.

But now, he was someone else's.

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