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   Chapter 238 Why Do You Buy me Over

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Nancy came to the ward to visit Colin.

To her surprise, Wendy was also there.

"Mr. Colin, I'm coming." She knocked on the door and walked to the bed.

It was the first time for Colin to receive treatment. He looked terrible and lay weakly on the bed, without anyone to take care of him.

Noticing that he didn't look well, Nancy lowered her voice.

Wendy was peeling an apple for him.

Colin said, "Winnie, don't be so busy. I can't eat so much."

"You should try your best first. Otherwise, how can you hold on?" Wendy's voice was softer than usual when she spoke.

It seemed that when people treated patients, they would become gentler than usual.

Looking at Nancy, Colin frowned and asked, "Is there anything wrong with the company?"

Nancy put all the documents that needed his signature on the small table, walked to the end of the bed and raised the head of the bed, making Colin sit there.

After signing the document, Colin asked, "Do you have anything else to say?"

"Mr. Colin, I want to take part in the Dream-hunting Trip for the new products." Her words were brief and to the point.

Although she lowered her head, she didn't feel herself humble.

She just wanted to inform him that she would go for the trip.

With a sigh, Colin asked, "Did you hear what I said that day?"

"Yes, sir!" Nancy nodded.

"So you should also know the purpose of the trip."

"Yes, sir!" Nancy looked at Colin and said, "If you let me out, you can ask Mr. Zhang to come back. He is more suitable to work for you than me."

She hacked Colin's computer and found an email from Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Zhang and his companions didn't dare to take the risk, so they still stayed at the foot of the hill.

If they continued to drag on, the snow would block the road. Even the gods would not be able to fly into the depths of the mountain, let alone to find the divine temple on the sacred mountain.

"Okay," Colin sighed.

He wasn't sure if he could hold on until next spring.

He thought he could.

Today, the first time he received the treatment, he knew he was wrong.

It could be said to live is no better than to die.

"But I need you to do something for me," Colin said in a low voice. He looked into Nancy's eyes and sighed, "Nancy, I believe that you are a good person like your father. Your father is in heaven now and he certainly doesn't want the Mu Group to go bankrupt. If there were no changes

said Wendy.

"Winnie." Colin didn't want her to leave. He felt lonely living alone in such a big ward.

"I'll go back with Nancy first. I'll bring you some soup tonight. What do you want to eat? Send me a message on WeChat," said Wendy.

Colin nodded.

It was not until now that he knew who was the most important person in his life.

When they walked out of the ward, Wendy held Nancy's hand and said, "Nancy, Henry doesn't know I'm here. Can you hide it for me?"

"Why?" Nancy asked.

She didn't know why she should hide it from him.

Wendy said, "I don't think he wants me to have any contact with any member of the Mu family."

"Okay," Nancy patted the back of her hand and said, "I won't tell him."

"By the way, if we go home for dinner later, he will definitely ask me when he sees me making soup and seeing me come out," Wendy said worriedly.

She had to find a way to avoid Henry.

Nancy raised her hand to look at her watch and said, "Don't worry. I'm going to the hospital now. After he gets off work, I'll have dinner with him outside. If he doesn't have anything to do in the hospital tonight, I'll go shopping with him. It depends on the situation later. I'll give you a signal. You call him and tell him you will go to your sister's place to play mahjong all night."

Wendy clapped her hands and shouted, "Okay! If he has to go back to the hospital on duty, you can send him to the hospital directly after you finish eating. There is no need for an excuse. That's perfect!"

She smiled and said, "Nancy, you are really good at lying."

Nancy smiled and didn't take it to heart.

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