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   Chapter 237 Being Abandoned

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Stefan didn't expect that Nancy didn't appreciate his kindness at all.

It was not until now that he realized that Nancy hated being imprisoned and powerless so much.

If he had discussed with her in advance, it wouldn't have ended up like this.

But if he discussed it in advance, would Nancy talk to him?

Nancy's determination made him heartbroken.

Every contemptuous expression on her face made Stefan's heart ache.

It turned out that the happiness and warmth he wanted were nothing in Nancy's eyes. She didn't even want to think of the time when they are together.

"You hate me for drugging you, so you deliberately find a man to piss me off, right?"

Stefan gritted his teeth and asked.

If that was the case, then Nancy did it. She did a good job.

In his midnight dream, he thought of the scene that Nancy and Henry were standing together. They were a perfect match, which tortured Stefan deeply.

As long as he thought of it, no matter how tired he was, he couldn't fall asleep all night.

Jealousy and hatred almost broke his heart.

Standing in a safe position, Nancy looked at Stefan and shook her head, "I never want to piss you off."

'Do you think everyone likes to do something useless as you?'

"So, are you serious with that doctor?" Stefan's eyes were burning with anger.

"What does it have to do with you?" She looked at him coldly and said, "I didn't bring you here to have a romantic night with you. I just want to ask you why you appeared at No. 187, three lane of Lu city?"

"Answer me first." Stefan's eyes were full of sadness. "Aren't you dating with that doctor? Are you pretending to lie to me?"

There was a channel in common between men.

Of course Stefan knew that he was not pretending to lie to him.

Henry's eyes were full of affection and tenderness.

How could it be fake?

They had lived together.

The reason why he asked this question was that he wanted to know what Nancy would say. Even if she was lying to him, he would be relieved.

"Why should I pretend to lie to you?" Nancy frowned.

She couldn't figure out what Stefan was thinking.

'I hate you. You forced me with despicable means. I finally escaped. I met gentle Henry, warm Wendy and delicious food.

I'm fine.

Why should I pretend to lie to you?

It's unnecessary. What can I get from lying to you?

I couldn't get even a penny.'

"Is that so?" Stefan's heart ached. He hated the damn wind on the top of the mountain. The cold wind was like a knife, stabbing directly into his heart.

"Why did you go to the Third Lane?" N

the address and drove from the company to the Third Lane.

It was too late when they got there.

Although he didn't get anything, he was in a good mood after getting an answer from Nancy.


He couldn't help snickering when he thought of Nancy's expression.

"Mr. Mu, what's wrong with you..." Mr. Ning asked.

"Just focus on driving." With a straight face, Stefan said in a nasal voice, "Don't ask anything you shouldn't ask."

Mr. Ning shut up.

The mountain road was winding. Mr. Ning drove carefully and slowly. Thinking of the driving skill of Nancy just now, Stefan sighed and shook his head.

Mr. Ning thought he had done something wrong and didn't dare to breathe heavily.

"Let me ask you a question." Stefan was in a good mood and took the initiative to talk to him.

"Go ahead." Mr. Ning was in a cold sweat.

"If you live with a woman you like but don't have sex, why?" Stefan asked.

Mr. Ning was confused, but he had to answer calmly.

"I think there are two reasons. One is that there is something wrong with the man, or the woman is unwilling to do so." He said.

"What about the second place?" Stefan frowned.

He was very happy whether Henry had a problem or Nancy didn't want to do.

"Second, it has something to do with love. Maybe a man treats a woman as a treasure and intends to marry her as his wife. He will only love her in the rest of his life, so he can't be casual and don't have to be in a hurry."

"He was dreaming! How ridiculous!" Stefan lowered his eyes and glared at Mr. Ning.

"Yes, yes, I was wrong." Mr. Ning shrank his head, wishing to give himself a slap in the face. He had thought that the king of hell had changed. He was asking for trouble.

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