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   Chapter 236 Are You The Murderer

My Sweet Super Wife By Kong Chan Characters: 8070

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How could it happen?

What a coincidence it was!

The police carried the corpse out. The corpse was covered with a white cloth. It was hard to imagine how miserable it was under the white cloth.

Nancy took a few steps back.

She clenched her fists. The note with an address on it was crumpled into a small ball in her hand, which made her feel uncomfortable.

"Oh my God! The shop keeper is so honest. He married a woman a few years ago and gave birth to a daughter. They has just enjoyed their lives for a few years, but..."

"Yeah. The family of four, even the old lady and the little girl died together."

"I has lived in the Third Lane for a lifetime and has never heard of any murder case."

"The shop keeper is a simple and honest man. He always smiles when he sees everyone. He pretends not to see the child stealing candies at his house. A good man dies early. What a pity it is!"

"Of course he wouldn't have a grudge against anyone..."

Hearing the discussion behind her, Nancy lost all her heat and she felt that her back was cold.

She calmly observed the surrounding environment, and suddenly saw a figure turning away across the street from afar.

"Excuse me, please." Nancy pushed away the woman in front of her and ran towards the man.

She crossed the road quickly and crossed the fence in the middle of the road.

The man seemed to see her and ran quickly.

Wearing high heels, Nancy sprinted away.

At the entrance of the parking lot of an old shopping mall, Nancy stopped the man.

She twisted the man's shoulder and smelled his familiar scent. Her eyes suddenly flashed with a fierce light.

"Stefan!" She shouted, turned the man behind her and pressed him against the wall.

"Let me go!" Stefan said, "I didn't turn around and leave until I saw Raymond get off the car. If you chase after me like this, he might have seen it. If you don't let go of me, we will all be suspected."

"Are you the murderer?" Nancy asked.

She let go of Stefan.

Stefan moved his arm and dusted off the wall of his coat. He stared at Nancy and said, "Maybe it was you who did it."

Nancy heard strong footsteps coming.

She looked at Stefan and said, "You are right. He is coming. Where is your car? Give me the key."

Raising his hand, Stefan threw the key to her and rushed to the car.

The two of them seemed to be partners who always cooperated with each other. N

l a little sad and beautiful.

"Why are you hiding from me? Why? I want to give my heart to you. Can't you feel it?" Stefan was saying softly just beside her, but his voice was drown out by the wind, so she couldn't hear it clearly.

Nancy felt her heart tightened, as if she really felt his heartache when he said that.

"If I don't escape, I'll continue to be imprisoned by you. I'll be your plaything, and even your sex slave. Am I right?" Nancy was so angry that she stepped on him.

Stefan gasped in pain, but he didn't loosen his grip.

"I was angry at that time," Stefan said, "you are so smart. Can't you tell that I have to say it for my sake? I thought you knew everything."

"It makes sense for you to use medicine to control me," said Nancy angrily.

"When you were in a coma, I asked someone to do a full set of brain examination for you. I've asked foreign experts to check it. It can help you with the medicine I gave you, which can make your brain relax. You'd been damaged because of the operation before, and you wouldn't feel a headache in such a paralyzed state. It's possible for you to recover. I'm helping you to repair those nerves that are damaged," Stefan said earnestly.

What sweet words he said!

He thought that Nancy would understand his difficulties and change her mind.

"Thank you. Thank you for the eighteen generations of the Mu family. You don't need to worry about me!" When he was relaxed, Nancy broke free from him and said, "I can stab you to death, which can help you get rid of all the pain in the world. Then you can die early and live early."

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