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   Chapter 178 Mysterious Photos

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In the meeting room of the Mu Electronic Group, Stefan gathered all the Department directors and managers to discuss the details of the new product launch.

Anna, Allen's secretary, walked back and forth outside the door with an anxious expression on her face.

The meeting should have ended at this time.

The plan given by the advertising department and some problems were still being discussed heatedly.

Stefan raised his eyes slightly.

He had already noticed Anna.

"Well, the morning meeting is over here. Let's continue after lunch. The meeting is over." Stefan stood up first and ended the discussion.

He walked up to Allen and patted him.

Seeing Anna's anxious look, Allen walked out quickly.

"What's wrong?" He pulled Anna aside, lowered his voice and blamed, "what happened? Why are you looking like this?"

Anna was also in a dilemma. She said, "Mr. Allen, your family is here. They said they have something important to tell you."

Stefan stopped and raised his eyebrows when he heard this.

Now there was no news about Nancy, so Allen's movements might be closely related to her.

When he saw that Allen hurried to the elevator, he followed him.

Then he followed Allen into the employee elevator.

"Mr. Allen what's up?" Stefan asked.

"I don't know where Nancy is." Allen didn't answer the question.

Since the police came to him, he had been very sensitive.

He wanted to get rid of everything related to Nancy.

"I heard from the police that Nancy was with you before she disappeared." Said Stefan.

"I really don't know where she is." Lowering his head, Allen continued, "Mr. Mu, if I had known it, I would have found her as soon as possible."

Allen also hoped that Nancy would appear soon. After all, it would do him no good to get involved in such a case.

The elevator stopped on the first floor.

Allen walked out of the elevator and headed for the leisure area of the lobby on the first floor.

Stefan followed him.

Knowing that he was following him on purpose, Allen had no choice but to put up with it.

Anna said that her family was looking for him, but she didn't know what to say. He didn't expect that it was Lang.

When Allen saw Lang, he was a little angry.

He walked up to Lang and asked, "what are you doing here? You must be kidding me. Did Queenie call you here? "

Lang rubbed her hands. She had been waiting here for more than two hours.

She called Allen, but he didn't answer.

She was so anxious.

"I wouldn't be so worried right now if she asked me to come here" Lang looked at Allen and said,

n just returned to his office.

Nancy noticed that the door of Colin's office was locked from inside.

He walked to his desk, opened a drawer mysteriously and took out a few bottles of medicine.

"What is he eating? He even locked the door." Baron sneered.

Nancy zoomed in the picture and took a screen shot.

At the same time, he opened the search engine and input the name of the medicine.

"Ha ha, this old man has cancer. He has taken these pills, but he hasn't gone to the hospital for treatment. He still hides it from us. It seems that he won't live for a few days." Simon stretched out his neck and saw the search result of Nancy.

Staring at the screen, Nancy's hand holding the mouse trembled.

In another view, when Colin opened the drawer and put the medicine in, Nancy quickly took a picture.

There was a photo in the drawer.

The person in the photo

Nancy zoomed in the picture again and again

The picture was a little distorted, but she could still recognize it.

That is


There were three people in the photo.

The elder one in the middle was a middle-aged man, and the other two were about the same age, both eighteen or nineteen years old.

Pointing at the person on the left of the photo, Simon said in surprise, "well, Nancy, this person looks like your father? Was it uncle when he was young? 'does Colin know my uncle?' It seems that they were on good terms when they were young. But who is the old man in the photo?"

Baron leaned over, took a look at it and said, "Oh, this is the founder of the Mu Group, the father of Colin, Erik. I paid special attention to him when I collected information about the members of the Mu Group. He is a very extraordinary person."

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