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   Chapter 177 What An Awesome Woman

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It is normal without electricity in Qingyang District for a short time.

However, Raymond had made great progress in their investigation.

During the whole night, Queenie told them everything.

She didn't hide anything and made everything clear.

The only thing she wanted to do was to leave the interrogation room as soon as possible.

Of course, Raymond would satisfy her.

On the early morning of the second day, Howard took Queenie to the scene for identification. After the procedure was finished, Queenie was immediately sent to the First Detention Center of A City.

According to the present evidence and Queenie's own statements, it was completely possible to conclude that it was a murder case.

However, what bothered Raymond was that as long as the corpse of Nancy was not found out, Queenie could not be a murder, and the procuratorate would not approve the arrest. She would be released 37 days later.

Raymond didn't sleep last night. Sitting on the chair, he had a terrible headache. He pressed his temples with his hands and thought carefully about what happened last night.

"Captain Gu."

Someone entered the office.

Raymond opened his eyes and saw Chloe, who was in charge of the internal affairs.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Captain Gu, this morning, I asked a professional electric worker to check the electric machine," Chloe said, "and the electric worker told me that our generation was not out of repair for a long time. It was artificial damage."

"Artificial damage?" Raymond sobered up pretty quickly, "are you sure?"

"The worker said that he has worked as an electric worker for more than 30 years, and has never seen something like that," said Chloe.

Chloe didn't leave and seemed to have something to say.

"What else do you want to say?" Raymond said, "is there anything strange?"

"Captain Gu, am I being oversensitive?" Chloe said, "the door lock of the rooftop is also broken. I heard the voice of the wind this morning. When I went up, I found that the door was open. Our door can only be opened from inside to outside. Even if the lock is broken, the wind can't blow it open."

Raymond suddenly became serious.

He said, "Hurry up, show me there."

He walked to the rooftop and saw the lock on the ground.

"Ask the technical team to come up and take down the lock to see if they can extract the effective fingerprints," said Raymond.

He walked to the edge of the rooftop.

Then he looked down.

Suddenly, he thought of something and said coldly, "Chloe, don't move."

He ran downstairs quickly.

Looking up, he came to understand suddenly.

"Maybe it was not Queenie's illusion," Raymond patted his thigh, "I knew it. How could she see a ghost in t

climb over such walls.

"Why did you call for a meeting? Captain, have you found anything?" Howard asked.

Five minutes later, in the meeting room, Raymond, with a long face, knocked on the white board and shouted.

"I suspect that someone sneaked into our police station during the blackout last night. From now on, all departments need to check by yourselves to see if there is anything missing. Once you find anything unusual, report it immediately. The technical team will collect the fingerprints of all the staff in the whole police station. If you find the fingerprints of someone else, immediately compare in the fingerprints library! From now on, no one is allowed to leave the police station in a state of emergency."

After the meeting, Raymond thought of something and went to his office immediately.

He opened a small drawer on the desk and took out a case.

Simon's name was on the folder.

Fortunately, the case was still here.

The phone on the table rang. He picked it up and heard from the other end of the phone, "Captain Gu, we found that the cases in the record room were lost."

Holding Simon's case, Raymond thought to himself. 'If I didn't take it out on a whim after I knew Nancy in the XM boxing hall, perhaps even it would be gone.'

He was buried in thought.

"I want to see a file of a case. Can you help me?"

"No? You have a rule, right? The file of the case is confidential and can't be shown to outsiders casually. So, if you can't help me, you don't have to be my friend.

Raymond could still remember that night, when Nancy was eating kebabs at a stall, her eyes were shining under the dim light.

When she said these words, she was full of confidence.

Awesome! What an awesome woman!

She was just a woman, but she did that all by herself. How did she make it?

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