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   Chapter 176 I Will Confess

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After thinking for a while, Nancy went straight to the third floor.

The lock on the rooftop was the old one. It was not difficult for her. She pulled out her hairpin and opened the lock. Looking down from the rooftop, she saw Gru was still there. She made a gesture to Gru, indicating Gru to jump down.

Below was the grass. Nancy used a Parkour skill of landing on the ground.

She jumped up and rolled over on the ground to help her body buffer.

Gru smiled and gave her a thumbs up. The two of them climbed out of the fence.

"The operation is over. Retreat successfully. Everyone is safe." Sitting in the Honda, Nancy reported the situation calmly.

"Take back the drone, flyer retreat." Flyer put away the drone near the barbecue stall, started the car, and slowly left. His relaxed voice came from the earphone, "tonight's midnight snack, we have barbecue to eat. Just now, I saw what Raymond and others eat, and I'm so greedy. I've already asked the boss to pack it up Gru, when we go back, you are in charge of buying beer. Do you hear me?"

Gru didn't say anything, but Nancy nodded at him.

"Baron, restore the power supply immediately." Simon ordered.

If the power was cut off for too long, it would easily arouse suspicion from other people.

Since the power system in Qingyang district was improved and the smart electric box was used, the power had not been turned off for several years.

Nancy took the two cases from Gru. At this moment, the street lights were on.

"Gru, I can only find two copies. I haven't found the case of Simon." Said Nancy.

Gru also felt a little regretful. He made a gesture to hatchet man and said, "it doesn't matter. We still have a chance next time."

Nancy nodded.

It was not bad to get these two copies.

She twisted the car key and started the car.

An old Honda slowly passed the police station and brushed past Raymond and her companions.

Nancy didn't know that when she jumped down, Queenie, who was sitting in the interrogation room on the first floor, happened to look up at the air window and saw her figure.

The police station is a place to punish evils and show mercy. We are all men here, and we are full of masculinity. Don't think that you can escape the law by pretending to be insane. In this case, I have seen too many people. Don't worry about her. Lock her up for one more night and make sure that she will be obedient to the law tomorrow."

"Don't go." Queenie said nervously, "Please don't leave. Don't lock me here alone. I beg you. I'll tell you! I'll say whatever you ask me to say! I admit it, okay? Please don't lock me in this damned place. I'm afraid. She's here. She's really coming for me."

Not only Catherine, but also all the people who heard this showed a strange expression.

Raymond asked coldly, "who is coming?"

"She!" Queenie covered her face and screamed, "Nancy! I won't make a mistake. She didn't die before and never came to me. She didn't even dream about it. This time, she is really doomed. She was pushed into the water by me again, and her resentment is even stronger. I won't make a mistake. That figure is her. She is dressed in black, and her face is very pale... "

"Boss!" Howard listened carefully, and the expression on his face turned into surprise. "She said she pushed Nancy into the water. Did you hear that?"

"Cut the crap. I'm not deaf. Turn on the computer and the camera, and officially start the interrogation!" Raymond shouted seriously.

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