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   Chapter 173 You Got To Come With Me

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Joan got the news in advance.

The club discovered the black card of the Gu family.

She waited for Raymond at the bar counter in the hall nervously.

With the Family Gu's card, he was the eldest son. If she didn't serve them well, the whole club would probably be in trouble.

Raymond walked in.

Joan looked at him and Howard calmly.

She still had some doubts. A handsome man whispered in her ear, "Joan, it's him."


In Joan's eyes, Raymond and Howard looked like they were here to secretly enforce the law.

"Are you sure?" Joan asked.

"Yes, it's true. I saw it with my own eyes."

Joan quickly took out her make-up mirror and took a photo of her. She was sure that her eye makeup was perfect and her lipstick was still there.

She greeted Raymond with a big smile on her face.

"Mr. Gu, I'm the manager here. I'm glad to serve you." She saw that Raymond was very decent and put on a stern face.

Howard was shocked to see how respectful Joan was to Raymond.

Was this the result of showing the identification?

The manager of such a high-level club was usually very snobbish. How could she be so humble in the A City?

Now Joan was obedient and didn't even dare to look at Raymond. Although her tone was very polite, her humble posture almost made her bow to the crown prince.

"Sir Sir What What happened? " Howard asked Raymond in panic.

"Well, it's my first time here." Raymond stared at Joan seriously, fearing that she would say something inappropriate. He held her hand and whispered, "I'm just here for fun. Don't talk too much."

Joan nodded.

Just some fun?

In the dim light of the club, men's eyes were usually glowing with lush.

Although Raymond had wounds on his face, his was still a righteous man.

"Mr. Gu, what do you like to play?" Joan said in a low voice, "I'll arrange it."

Raymond was embarrassed.

He didn't know what to say.

At this critical moment, Howard stepped forward and said quickly, "hurry up to find a VIP private room and ask the best girl out."

Joan immediately said, "Okay, okay."

Howard had already forg

Raymond was satisfied and her eyebrows relaxed.

"Hey, what brings the police here? Joan told me that we are doing business seriously... "

Only Cathy walked past Raymond unscrupulously, went straight to the dresser and checked her face.

Raymond glanced at the three people beside the wall.

It was horrible for a woman to go crazy.

Fortunately, he had a pair of sharp eyes during his years of criminal investigation. Otherwise, he couldn't recognize the woman who had lost half of her makeup now.

"Are you Cathy?" Raymond stared at Cathy in the mirror and said, "I'm here for you today. There is a missing person case. Please go back to the police station with me and assist in the investigation."

Cathy, who was still holding a wet tissue to remove her make-up, shivered when she heard this.

Missing people

She looked at Raymond confusedly.

Queenie, who was squatting beside the wall, buried her head in her knees. Hearing what Raymond said, she breathed a sigh of relief.

She was afraid that he would come to her.

He was looking for Cathy. That would be fine.

Missing people? Could it be Nancy?

She was confused. After a long time, Raymond's voice disappeared. She raised her head slightly.

Unexpectedly, Raymond was right in front of her.

"And you are Queenie, right?" Raymond said, "since we meet, you don't have to wait till tomorrow. Come with me now."

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