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   Chapter 168 Did She Look Like A Peerless Master

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The weather was always the same as people's hearts. It changed very fast.

When he came out in the morning, the sun was still warm and the autumn was fresh. At this moment, a strong wind suddenly appeared and the whole city fell into winter in a second.

Howard was standing in front of the hotel. The north wind made him stamp his feet.

He was so impatient that he took out a cigarette box. Before he could light it, Raymond arrived.

"Boss, where have you been?" Howard walked to the door.

Last night, they had agreed to come to the hotel at 10 o'clock in the morning to check the thing about carpet.

Raymond opened the door and got off. The cold north wind made him shrink his neck.

When he came out in the morning, he didn't expect the weather to change. He only wore a denim jacket.

He was shivering with cold.

But he smiled excitedly.

"I went to the police officer by the way. One of my classmates asked me to check the Benz, but I found something else!" He snapped his fingers, put his hand in his trouser pocket, and hurried into the hotel.

Howard said, "We have also gained something from the Skynet. I didn't have time to reported it to you yet."

Then he entered the hotel.

The wounds on Raymond's face hadn't healed yet, and his eyes were still purple. He walked a little clumsily.

The girl at the front desk was already scared when she saw him like this. She even called the security guards and manager of the hall over directly, saying that it was the police.

He showed his ID card to her.

The manager of the hotel came out in person and took them to the suite where Nancy had the accident.

Raymond asked the hotel manager to stand outside and went in by himself.

He stared at the carpet on the ground and asked directly, "Is this a new one?"

Because it was obviously different from the next one and the color was much brighter.

The hotel manager was stunned. He frowned and said, "I don't know. I'll go to find the cleaner."

It was an international hotel chain, and the manager was a cautious person.

Although nothing serious happened and no one reported the case to the police.

But the director of the criminal investigation team came in person, so he had to cooperate with him seriously.

The cleaning lady was called here. She looked at Raymond and immediately looked away. She shook her head almost instinctively and quickly said, "I know nothing. I know nothing.

y was so anxious that she burst into tears.

Howard took notes and shook his head repeatedly.

He continued to ask about some details.

Raymond looked around the room.

He came to the wine cabinet.

He took down a bottle of wine and held it in his hand.

The reflective glass in the wine cabinet could reflect people. Raymond looked at the wound on her face

He clenched the bottle and thought, 'can Queenie do anything to Nancy?

He thought to himself, 'If I were her, what could I do to Nancy with a bottle of wine in this situation?'?

Even if it was an attack from the back

He wanted to defeat Nancy and make her completely unable to move.

It was almost an impossible task.

"Boss, I've finished my words. Go to the front desk and check the hotel check-in records later. What are you thinking about?" Howard asked the cleaner to go out and suddenly walked behind Raymond.

Clenching the bottle, Raymond suddenly turned around and smashed it towards the head of Howard.

Howard quickly dodged, but he was still frightened and fell back on the carpet.

"Boss, what are you doing?" He shouted, "If this bottle is smashed down, I may pass out for a few days."

"When we were in the Qi family, there was a huge portrait of Queenie hanging on the wall. Do you remember it?" Raymond asked.

"What's wrong?"

"She is so thin and only about 1.6 meters tall. I'm already surprised that she can carry Nancy on her back." Raymond said, "you've seen how skillful Nancy is. I smashed the bottle down as a sneak attack. You can dodge it, but can't she? Do you think Queenie is more powerful than her? "

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