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   Chapter 166 It Was Someone Close To Him

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Hearing what Simon said, Lily's words came to her mind again.

'Have you ever thought that your misfortune was planned by someone, just to get you now?'

"Lily left me a USB." Nancy looked at Simon and observed him carefully.

"What's in it?" Simon asked.

He had a surprised expression on his face without any disguise.

Nancy nodded and said, "I don't know. We met an emergency so I gave it to Stefan. Two days ago, when I wanted to take it back, it was gone."

Simon understood and said, "So that's why you went to the Mu Group and stayed with Stefan. Do you know who did it?"

Nancy shook her head.

It would be easy if she knew who did it.

Perhaps even Stefan himself didn't know who did it.

"How did you find the USB missing? Tell me what happened and let's analyze it carefully," said Simon.

Nancy told him what happened that night in details.

Hearing this, Simon frowned.

"They are intact with both the fingerprint lock and the safe," he said. "There is the fingerprint lock on first floor. You drugged Stefan and got his finger membrane. Then how did others do it?"

Then Nancy continued, "Do you mean that the person who took away the USB also has the chance to get the finger membrane of Stefan's?"

"Who else knew that you gave it to him except you two?"

"I won't tell anyone about it. I believe that with Stefan's personality, he won't tell anyone, either. Moreover, I'm sure that Stefan had checked the USB when I came back to the Mu Group. Otherwise, he wouldn't have threatened me so confidently," Nancy said, "he was surprised when he knew that the USB was missing. If he was pretending to be so surprised, I'm sure I can see it."

Simon said, "Let's not investigate the time of the theft. There are too many things to think about. Let's start with the matter of the finger membrane. Who can easily get the finger membrane without Stefan knowing it?"

"I have thought about it carefully, but since I entered the Mu Group, Stefan has been with me mo


"Do you remember what I told you on my first day to work and you invited me to drink in the evening?" Stefan asked.

Mr. Yang took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Mu, you said that my parents had given me a good name. Being a true man is the most important and difficult to do."

"Do you still deserve it now?"

Stefan stood up. He was taller than Mr. Yang. He was wearing a black suit today. When he suddenly stood up, Mr. Yang felt a strong sense of pressure.

He stepped back nervously.

"Mr. Mu, I..." He lowered his head and didn't dare to look at Stefan.

"Why did you do that?" Stefan said, "Jay, why?"

"I don't understand what you mean, Mr. Mu." Sweat dripped from Mr. Yang's forehead.

Stefan slammed the table and said, "Don't lie anymore! I'm not testing you. You should know my personality. If I don't have solid evidence, I won't suspect anyone."

Mr. Yang took a deep breath and looked up at Stefan with a complicated expression. He wasn't flustered anymore and seemed to be about to throw caution to the wind.

"You took it," Stefan said coldly, "who did you give it to?"

Mr. Yang smiled calmly.

He knew that he couldn't stay in the Mu Group any longer and Stefan wouldn't allow him to stay.

"Mr. Mu, how did you know?" he asked.

He felt that he had done a good job, almost perfect.

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