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   Chapter 165 Still Too Naive

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Only Carl himself knew it.

It was not a dream, nor was it a sleepwalking.

It was true. Everything he saw was true.

It was his sister.

He checked his mother's condition, pulled the quilt for her, lay back on the small bed and closed his eyes.

He squinted his eyes and peeped at the door. When he saw Henry's face flash past the door, he quickly covered his head with the quilt.

Hiding under the quilt, he took out his phone, opened we-chat and sent a message to a person.

"You are right." A few minutes later, he added, "I saw her."

It seemed that he couldn't wait for a reply. Carl dialed the number directly and hung up before it was picked up.

Stefan was woken up by the ringing of his phone.

He picked up the phone and found it was already four o'clock.

When he saw it was a call from Carl, his head was buzzing and he was not sleepy at all.

He didn't call back. He knew that Carl wanted him to see the message and made the call on purpose.

When he saw the words "You are right" on we-chat, Stefan was very excited.

"Are you sure it's her?" Stefan sent the message.

"Of course I know. It's my sister? What do you know? I know her better than you! " Carl replied immediately.

Is she your sister or my woman.


With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Stefan got up from the bed and sat on the edge of the window. He typed quickly with his fingers, "You didn't tell anyone, did you?"

"As you said, I didn't tell anyone and lied to Dr. Yang." After thinking for a while, Carl quickly added, "What should I do next?"

Why did my sister hide from me? Why did she run so fast? Why didn't she want to see me.

He had never seen her sister run so fast in her life.

I was very sad to see my sister leave.

He was too shy to send these childish words to Stefan.

Because Stefan had never taken him as a child.

Over the years, Stefan contacted him from time to time. Every year, he would receive very expensive gifts on his birthday, just like a special agent.

Stefan treated him like a friend.

He didn't like her, but he didn't hate her.

At first, he hated this man very much. He thought it was Stefan who killed his sister.

Dr. Yang kept guiding him like this to make him think so.

After getting along with Ron for a long time, she found that Stefan was not as annoying as he looked.

This afternoon, on his way home from school, Ste

son from school. I was too naive." Simon sighed, grabbed the glass in Nancy's hand, and drank it up.

"Later, you should have known it earlier than I did. That's not the case." Said Nancy.

Simon stared at Nancy and said, "After that, I worked for them for my uncle."

"What do you mean?" Nancy couldn't help but raise her voice, "don't tell me that my father has something to do with them."

"I have already quit." Simon said, "you all think that I have been in prison for three years. In fact, I have only been in prison for less than a year before I was kicked out by the people of SR. I have been working as their hacker in the name of Apollo and in my own name for about two years. Then I quit."

"Can I quit?" Nancy smiled and said, "Do you really trust me?"

Simon said, "I didn't know at that time. I thought I could really quit, so I came back and started a new life seriously. It was when you thought I was released from prison."

"What happened later?"

"I began to investigate the death of my uncle, but my ability is limited. The further I investigate, the more complicated the case shows, as if it has been hidden by some powerful force. I can't find any valuable clues, so I want to investigate it through the SR intelligence network." Simon pushed Nancy and said, "I signed the contract again because of your family."

"Cut the crap. Go on!" Nancy gave him a punch.

This person would always grin cheekily when he was not supposed to make a joke.

"Later..." Staring into Nancy's eyes, Simon said seriously, "I didn't expect them to negotiate with me at the price of you..."

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