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   Chapter 164 I'm Sorry. I Was Sleepwalking.

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Nancy saw her mother on the bed.

She raised her hand and trembled, but she didn't dare to touch the glass because she couldn't leave her fingerprints.

Her mother looked very peaceful.

It was as if an ordinary person had fallen asleep.

Nancy's nose was sour and her eyes were hot.

Mom, I'm here.

I was unfilial.

I haven't been able to see you for a long time. Although you have gone into a vegetative state, I believe that you can feel it.

Even if there is a door between us, I believe you can feel it, right?

Nancy tried her best to control her emotions and bit her lower lip, tears welling up in her eyes.

Her mother's body was stuck in the white bed sheet, like a thin piece of paper.

How she wished she could rush into her mother's arms and cried out loudly and happily.

Mom, you must know that I'm here. Your unfilial daughter, Nancy is here. You have to live on. Even if you lie on the bed like this, don't give up. You still have Carl and me.

You must wake up.

The medicine is so advanced now. Wait a minute. When I finish what I should do, we will go abroad for treatment.

There must be a way to wake you up.

You have to try your best. No matter how many years you have been lying on the bed, you have to live, for the sake of your favorite Carl.

Tears streamed down Nancy's face. She couldn't hide her feeling anymore.

She bit her lower lip and almost bled.

In order not to make any sound, she even covered her mouth with her hands.

Her throat seemed to be pulled by a strong force, and her heart hurt.

How unfilial I am! I have come here and can only look at my mother from afar. I can't do anything like this.

Was I still a human being? Did I deserve to be a daughter?

She felt so ashamed.

Nancy was so painful that she almost suffocated. She tried her best to suppress herself, not letting herself recall the beautiful scene of the family of four in the past.

She totally forgot to count the time.

She nearly lost her mind.

She almost pushed the door open and rushed in.

"It's time, sis." Simon reminded her in advance, "It's time for you to leave."

Hearing this, Simon choked with sobs. His heart seemed to be stuffed with more than ten or twenty pounds, which made him almost unable to straighten up.

Nancy sniffed.

This was probably the most cruel thing she had experienced, even worse than killing he

I'm Dr. Yang. Let me in!" Henry knocked the door open with all his strength.

Carl regained his sanity.

He wiped his tears, looked at Henry and said, "Dr. Yang, why are you here? I I'm sorry... "

Henry put his arm around his shoulder and asked softly, "What's wrong? I heard from the nurse that you were chasing after someone crazily."

"No, I just had a dream. I seemed to see someone outside and ran out." said Carl.

"Who is it?" Henry asked.

"……" Carl didn't answer.

"Did you dream of my sister?" Henry asked.

In the past year, Carl often came to bed with her. He often cried and woke up in the middle of the night. He asked him and said that he dreamed of his sister coming back.

Carl nodded and said, "yes, I dreamed that my sister abandoned me and pushed me away."

With a gentle smile, Henry rubbed Carl's head and said, "no, I won't. Even in my dream, I won't hurt him. Well, it's late. Let's go back to sleep, okay?"

"Okay." When passing by the nursing station, Carl lowered his head and apologized seriously, "ladies and gentlemen, I was sleepwalking just now. I'm sorry."

He walked back to the ward alone.

Looking at his back, Henry was lost in thought.

"Did you see who he chased just now?" Henry asked the nurses.

The nurse shook her head and said, "no, there's no one. I just saw him running alone."

"Maybe he was sleepwalking. It's scary."

Henry also nodded. He thought that he should check the surveillance video tomorrow.

Carl often had such dreams two years ago, but they had disappeared recently. Maybe as he said, it was a dream.

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