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   Chapter 162 will you repeat the same trick

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Being stared at by Queenie, Lang shrank her neck and dared not say anything.

"You kept calling me just now. What happened?" Queenie asked.

When Lang called her, she happened to be in Rock's car.

In such a confined space, Rock might hear the voice over the phone, so she certainly would not answer the phone in front of him.

"Oh!" Hearing that, Lang became nervous and said, "go upstairs quickly, please. Mr. Allen is waiting for you at home."

"Is Allen back?" Standing in front of the elevator, Queenie pressed the button irritably. Suddenly, something occurred to her. She stared at Lang with a straight face and asked, "did you say anything to him?"

"No," Lang said, "you have told me so I don't dare to talk nonsense. Besides, I hope you can live a happy life. If you really get divorced, where can I find a job with such a high salary..."

"Shut up!" Trembling with anger, Queenie screamed, "stop saying those words."

Lang moodily followed her into the elevator.

But now it had come to this.

"Mr. Allen..." Lang said anxiously, "when he came back, I saw him packing up and he seemed to want to move out."

"Did you stop him? Good job!" said Queenie.

If Allen really made up his mind to pack up, he wouldn't have to wait for her.

She thought it was Lang's hard work that worked.

"No," Lang said, "I'm not that capable. Mr. Allen doesn't want to hear me say a word. It's..."

The elevator stopped and two people came in.

Lang's words stuck in her throat.

Queenie turned to her and asked in confusion, "Why are you hesitating?"

"Mr. Allen didn't leave because two people came,"

After the people in the elevator went out, Lang asked in a low voice, "Queenie, did anything happen when you asked me to pick you up that night?"

"What's wrong?" Queenie glared at Lang, pinched her and said, "didn't you promise that you wouldn't tell anyone about what happened that night? Are you crazy?"

Lang cried out in pain, but she didn't dare to fight back.

"No..." She said with grievance, "Mr. Allen didn't leave because there were two guests at home..."

She told Queenie with the mouth move only, "they were two police."

Queenie was so nervous that her face turned pale immediately.

"Where are they?" Queenie grabbed Lang and asked carefully, "are they still there?"

Feeling that Queenie was a little scary, Lang took a step back.

The white light in the elevator made Queenie's face even paler. With red eyes, she gritted her

ears streaming down her cheeks. Sitting weakly on the sofa, she wrapped her arms around Allen's waist and said, "You still love me, don't you? You still love me in your heart, so you are waiting for me to come back."

'You still care about whether I wear the necklace or not, don't you?'

"Tell me." Allen removed her hand and sat down.

"Does it have anything to do with you?" he asked seriously.


"You'd better not treat me as a fool. It's not good for you," Obviously, Allen didn't believe what he had heard. He said, "if it really had nothing to do with you, why did the police come when they found Nancy's car?"

Queenie decided to make up the lie, "After you left, she beat me up. I grabbed the key of the car and escaped. The more I thought about it, the more scared I became. So I drove to a place where no one was there and threw it there."

Seeing that Allen still didn't believe her, she pulled her collar apart, pointed at the red mark on her neck and the bruise on her shoulder and said, "Look! Allen, how can I fight with her? You know, she even dares to beat Dick in the company."

"What's wrong with your hand?" Allen saw the wound on her hand. It was obvious that it was cut by something and stitched.

"Well..." Queenie said, "I cut myself by accident."

"If someone asks me again, I'll say that. You'd better not lie to me," After thinking for a while, Allen continued, "you really don't know where Nancy is? Are you going to repeat the same trick?"

"No!" All of a sudden, Queenie became very nervous. She held Allen's hand and said, "Nancy is not the same person as she used to be. How can I bully her now?"

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