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   Chapter 160 Don't Cry, Beauty

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King Club in the A City.

When Queenie came here, the club was still not open.

It was Cathy who called her to come.

She just had a miscarriage and was still very weak. If it weren't for Cathy's bad attitude and her threat, she wouldn't have come here.

It was Cathy's call that made her miss the chance to meet Allen nor the chief criminal officer.

She walked into the King Club and was stopped.

"I'm looking for Cathy." She said.

"Call her!" The staff was very responsible. This was a high-end club and the membership system had been adopted. It was not easy to enter it after telling someone's name.

Queenie stood aside and called Cathy, but the line was still busy.

She was annoyed when she saw a white Maserati parking outside and a man in a white suit got out.

The man was talking on the phone. He smiled and said, "Honey, I'm here. Come out quickly. I'll take my sister's phone..."

Hearing this, Queenie couldn't help but look at the man a few more times.

He was so handsome that he was even more eye-catching than Allen back then. Wearing a white suit, he could tell at a glance that the watch was expensive.

'Everything about him was rich!

The man also raised his eyebrows at her. After hanging up the phone, he smiled.

Queenie frowned and wondered whether the phone he mentioned was Mavis's.

Cathy came out and pounced on Queenie like a butterfly. She winked at the man in white suit.

"Rock, you are here." Cathy said in a sweet voice, "Have you forgotten me?"

Hearing that, Queenie raised her head and glanced at him.

It turned out to be the son of the Jiang family, Rock.

"No one can forget my dear Cathy." Holding Cathy's waist, Rock stared at Queenie up and down.

Queenie looked more elegance than Cathy.

What's more, her delicate look at the moment was exactly what Rock wanted.

Rock pinched Cathy's nose and said, "You're such a temptress. You picked up my sister's phone. Why didn't you call me directly? I have been looking for you all the time."

"If I call you, I don't know you have blocked my wechat. Humph, how heartless..." Cathy raised her little flesh fist, gently punched Rock two times, and said, "I just want to test you. Let's see when you will come to me."

"I've bee

ed to the roadside and waited for a taxi. After a long time, she still couldn't hail a taxi.

She squatted on the side of the road, frustrated, tears streaming silently.

Once upon a time, Cathy didn't even deserve to carry shoes for her, but now she laughed at her instead.

What a capricious world

Maybe it was a mistake to choose Allen.

She didn't want to drive here, just because she didn't want to leave any trace. But she didn't expect that it was so difficult to take a taxi here. The cold wind in autumn blew her face dry, and her lips were about to crack.

Thinking that she must be ugly in this way, she stood up, wiped her tears and walked alone on the road.

A white Maserati came to her and honked.

Tears welled up in Queenie's eyes. She turned around and saw Rock in a white suit in the car.

"What's wrong?" Rock rolled down the window and shouted, "do you need my help?"

Thinking of Cathy's words, Queenie looked at Rock's face and then at his car.

She stopped, turned around and stared at Rock, tears slowly falling down.

Rock didn't care whether he could stop the car or not. He got off the car quickly and coaxed, "Why are you crying? You are Cathy's friend, so you are my friend. Did someone bully you? "

Queenie shook her head.

"Don't cry, beauty. People will think I did something bad to you if they see me. Don't cry. Get in the car first. Where do you live? I'll drive you home." Rock skillfully took a napkin and was about to wipe Queenie's tears.

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