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   Chapter 154 Stefan Was Anxious

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Stefan was now in the Mu Group.

He temporarily took over the position of Sherry and had meetings in the Mu Electronic Group the whole morning.

It was time for lunch.

He went back to his office, sat on the chair, and leaned his head back, looking very tired.

He was not really tired, but felt a little down.

He had been absent-minded the whole morning. From time to time, he would glance at his phone.

He just waited for Nancy's reply.

But since yesterday, there had been no news about Nancy. Last night, she not only hanged up the phone he called, but also turned off the phone.

'What a bad woman! It's my fault to lose your USB, you can scold me or beat me.

Why do you still hold a grudge? You have no reason to pretend to be more aloof than me.

Do you want to disassociate yourself from me?'

Stefan's phone rang. He picked it up quickly and saw another trash message.

He sighed and called Nancy again.

It was still powered off.

It was office hours, but she dared to turn off her phone. How could it be possible? As the assistant of the chairman, she had to turn on her phone twenty-four hours a day and be on call at any time, didn't she?

Then she must come to work on time.

He wanted to go and teach her a good lesson.

Mr. Yang came in with the documents of the press conference about the new product. Seeing that Stefan went out in a hurry, he asked hurriedly, "Mr. Mu, where are you going?"


He got him.

How could he rush to the chairman's office like this?

"Order lunch for me. I'll send it to the chairman myself," he said.

Mr. Yang lowered his head. He wanted to laugh, but he didn't dare.

It was such a surprise that Stefan would prepare lunch for the chairman.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Mu now cared about the lunch of the chairman.

"Hurry up!" said Stefan.

"Yes, Mr. Mu," Mr. Yang said seriously, "but Miss Nancy didn't come to the company today. I just met Mr. Zhang. He said that the chairman disliked the injury on Miss Nancy's face and specially approved her to take a few days off. She will come to work again when her face recovers, so..."

"Cut the crap!"

Stefan sat back on the chair heavily and frowned.

Nancy was on vacation?

Damn it! Why did she turn off her phone during the vacation?

"Mr. Mu, these are the relevant materials for the new product, and several financial documents need to be signed." Mr. Yang put down the documents.

Stefan signed two documents.

Suddenly, he thought of something.

"If you are o

he police.

The sound of police sirens could be heard from afar, and the wharf was surrounded by the crowd.

Stefan was inexplicably flustered.

He remembered that Nancy had said that she might lose her life because of the USB.


Stefan's face became extremely cold, even colder than the autumn wind.

He pushed away the onlookers and strode inside.

Mr. Yang was inquiring about the news with the surrounding people, and he didn't notice that Stefan had been ahead of the crowd.

"What are you doing? You can't go in." The policeman who was responsible for guarding stopped him.

Stefan was tall and outstanding among the crowd. He had already seen a crane by the lake. At this time, a black Benz was hung up from the lake, and the crowd burst into exclamation.

Seeing the license plate, Stefan turned to Mr. Yang with the questioning looks.

Is this one right?

Mr. Yang stood on tiptoe and nodded at Stefan.

Stefan raised his eyebrows at the young police who stopped him, and pointed at the car. He said, "This is our company's car. I'm the person involved. I come here to know the situation and let me in."

The young policeman hesitated.

Stefan raised his head and saw a familiar back. It was the man who drove with Nancy that night.

Stefan cleared his throat.

Raymond found that someone was looking at him. He turned around and asked, "What happened?"

"Captain Gu, he said this car belongs to his company," the young policeman told the truth.

"Oh..." Raymond looked at Stefan and said, "I'm looking for you."

"Where is Nancy?" Stefan asked directly.

"What?" Raymond was also surprised. Did it have anything to do with Nancy?

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