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   Chapter 151 Aren't You Afraid Of The Karma On Your Brother

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"Hey, stop. Don't go."

The lawyer brought by Queenie tried to catch Allen, but unexpectedly, he threw her on the ground with brute force.

"Stay away from me when I'm still rational." Allen's eyes turned scarlet red.

"I'm a lawyer. How could you..."

People in the next and opposite rooms opened the door to see what was going on, and some even raised their mobile phones to record.

Feeling humiliated, Allen didn't want to hit the headline again.

He covered his face with his hands and ran into the elevator as fast as he could.

"Hey, you..." The lawyer was still shouting.

"Shut up!" Queenie shouted.

She covered her swollen face and walked into the room slowly.

Queenie felt guilty when she saw Nancy sitting quietly on the sofa and the wound on her face.

She didn't know what happened to Nancy's face.

But it seemed that he had been beaten up by someone.

Did her posts work?

Did the Mu family take action?

She sneered, "You lied to Allen, but you couldn't lie to me. You said you had mental disease, but you forgot what the disease is! I know you didn't. your eyes can't deceive other people. How can you forget the strong hatred in your eyes... "

The lawyer remembered that she was here for business, so he quickly raised his mobile phone and rushed into the room, trying to take some evidence.

For example, the used condoms and the stains on the bed sheet

Unfortunately, when she rushed in, she saw a clean room.

There was nothing. All the evidence had been disposed of.

The lawyer came out dejectedly.

Staring at Queenie, Nancy asked, "Are you here to get the evidence? Are you ready to divorce me? To confront with Allen? You are such a loser. You have stolen such a hard marriage. You should cherish it. How can you live like this? "

Queenie said to the lawyer, "You can go back first. I will contact you if there is anything."

After the lawyer left.

Queenie closed the door.

The whole room was quiet. There were only two women staring at each other, with endless sadness in their eyes.

The light in the hotel was warm yellow, but it didn't make the atmosphere warm.

Instead, it made people fall into the past, those yellowing and moldy memories.

"Don't you just want me to get a divorce?" Queenie sat opposite to Nancy.

She smiled sadly.

Her brown curly hair was tied behind her head with the most ordinary rubber band. It was an emergency. She didn't wear any makeup and didn't even have the time to draw her eyebrows. With her faint ey

t this time, her reason completely gave way to hatred.

At this moment, Queenie pressed the phone in panic.

She thought she was calling someone, but accidentally pressed the music.

It was Beethoven's piano music, which she had just downloaded a few days ago.

The melody echoed in the room, and there was a fluctuation in Nancy's eyes.

Seeing the hope, Queenie used her last strength to turn the volume up.

Nancy started. This was the first piece she practiced when she studied piano. At that time, her father was there, her mother was there, and Simon was there. All the family members were around her and applauded for her. Everyone had a happy smile on their faces.

"Sis, you are not bad. You are just a little better than me..."

"What are you talking about? You brat! My sister is much better than you. You always play computer!"

"Our Nancy is so good at playing. That's great..."

"Nancy, you are the best gift from God for me."

Nancy heard a sharp sound.

She saw herself being lifted up and circled by her father.

Now her eyes were dark and the sky and earth were spinning.

"Ah!" She had a splitting headache and had to let go of Queenie.

She covered her head and squatted on the ground.

"Turn it off! Turn it off!" Nancy screamed.

Queenie sat on the ground, paralyzed. She looked at Nancy in panic.

He had opened the door and wanted to run away.

On second thought, it was a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity. It was rare to see Nancy so weak and evil. She closed the door again.

She stared at the trembling Nancy curling up on the ground, rushed to the bar counter, took a bottle of wine and smashed it hard on her head.

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