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   Chapter 150

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"What should I do?" asked Allen.

He raised his head and looked at Nancy decisively.

He didn't know where to vent his anger.

In fact, it was very clear. It was him who just stubbornly insisted on his own ideas.

The moment he saw the chatting records on Cathy's phone, he was heartbroken.

He really believed her evil and thought that she was asking for a guarantee for the baby in her belly.

He didn't expect that she had planned everything well.

If that was all she wanted, why did she take the video?

He knew that Queenie was a woman who would try her best to get what she wanted.

What if he didn't promise her and steeled his heart?

With these videos, she could sue him in the court and end the marriage in a ridiculous way.

Would it be like this? Allen didn't know.

Perhaps it was not too much to say about her with the most vicious heart.

Nancy smiled and said, "You can ask her to come here and confront her face to face. You will be clear, won't you?"

"She is not stupid," Cathy said, "is she really coming if you ask her to come?"

Nancy smiled confidently, "Maybe others can't make her do that. If it's me, she will definitely come."

She looked at Allen and said, "do you still believe that she really loves you? Shall we make a bet?"

Allen shook his head.

What else did he have now? He even lost his face now.

While they were talking, Cathy's phone kept ringing. They were WeChat messages from Queenie.

Cathy didn't reply.

"What should we do now?" Cathy raised her phone and frowned, "what should I say?"

"Just tell her that you don't get in touch with him. You had an appointment, but he didn't show up," said Nancy.

Cathy's face changed dramatically and exclaimed, "No way! I never work for free."

It was a great shame for them to have sex with others for nothing.

Nancy rolled her eyes at her and said, "I will pay you enough money."

"That's what you said." Cathy felt a little relieved.

"Leave your phone here and go," Nancy said, "it has nothing to do with you. You don't have to break up with her."

Hearing this, Cathy was overjoyed.

In fact, she had been thinking about what she should say and do if Queenie came.

She couldn't really ignore their friendship.

It was hard to explain if the news got out.

It was the best for her to take the money and leave now. If Queenie really asked her about that, she could also deny and say that her mobile phone had been stolen.

After putting on the lipstick, Cathy took he

ntacted me by himself. Besides, he used to be my boyfriend. You are just returning the thing to its owner. I am not robbing. It's you who robbed."

Allen listened silently.

It would be great if they could be together again.

"Which room are you in?" Queenie said, "tell me if you have guts! I want to ask you a few words face to face. Don't pretend to be losing your memory. Why do I think you remember everything?"

In the photo, Queenie found the slippers of the hotel.

She had arrived at the front desk of the hotel with the divorce lawyer.

She had made up her mind and wanted to take the video on the spot, which was the perfect testimony.

However, no matter how hard she tried, the hotel receptionist refused to disclose the information of the clients.

It was such a big hotel. She couldn't look for the room one by one.

Nancy told Queenie the room number and sat on the sofa in the living room, waiting for her.

A few minutes later, Queenie bribed the cleaner and opened the door with the card of the cleaner.

She had prepared a volley of foul language for Nancy and was ready to record what they were doing on her phone.

It was the best evidence for her to take a lawyer to catch an affair in bed, and she would be also reasonable in the court.

However, she didn't expect that when the door was opened, she saw Allen in neat clothes, who seemed to have been waiting for her. With a cold face, Allen gave her a hard slap.

"Ah! How can you hit me?" The divorce lawyer hired by Queenie pointed at Allen's nose and scolded, "This is domestic violence. We can sue you!"

His face flushed with anger. Allen pushed the lawyer away and left.

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