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   Chapter 139 Trust The Wrong Person Again

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After finishing her meal, she dragged Stefan to the bed, took a shower in the bathroom, tied up her shoulder-length hair, and changed into a vest and jeans that were convenient for action.

Stefan was sleeping soundly in bed, not knowing that the membrane of his ten fingers had been copied by Nancy.

'It is just a fingerprint lock.

I am not scared of you.'

With the computer on her back and necessary equipment, Nancy drove her newly rented Audi to the Mu Group.

The security guards here knew her and greeted her.

"Miss Nancy, it's so late. Why do you still come to the company?"

Nancy said, "I forgot to bring a document. Mr. Mu will need it tomorrow morning. I'll come here to get it."

Nancy walked all the way to Stefan's office, unimpeded.

She stared at the lock of Stefan's office and was about to take out the tools.

The door opened as the wind blew.

Nancy took a closer look and found something wrong.

Every time Stefan left the office, he would lock the door. She believed that Stefan would not be so negligent.

She had a bad feeling about it.

Without turning on the light, Nancy hurried to the desk, squatted down and checked the safe.

She was lucky.

She breathed a sigh of relief. The door was not broken by someone.

What happened to the lock?

She decided to get the USB first.

After calming herself down, Nancy took out Stefan's finger membrane and opened the door of the cabinet on the first floor.

A small safe appeared in front of her.

Such a lock was not difficult for her.

Nancy took out the tools from her backpack and spent some time opening the safe.

The moment the cabinet door slowly opened, Nancy couldn't smile again.

She searched for the USB carefully.

There were only some important documents in it.

'Where is the USB?'

She didn't see the USB anywhere.

Didn't Stefan put it here?

Nancy's mind went blank.

Did Stefan say it on purpose?

Where was the USB with information about SR that Lily had collected?

Nancy closed the safe and the door.

Thinking of the automatically opened door just now, Nancy clenched her fists.

No! This must be the worst result. She would rather believe that Stefan had played a trick on her.

If someone took away the USB before her...

That would be bad

away? When I put it in, no one knew it at all. It's been so long, and there's nothing wrong with it. Why don't you think about it? It might be your fault!"

Nancy said, "After all, you are a selfish villain. You only know to threaten me with the USB, and you will only threaten me! You have never thought about how important that thing is to me. You don't know it at all. If it fell on someone else, I might be the next Lily and lose my life. It is I who trust the wrong person again. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have given it to you."

She spoke very slowly and clearly.

There was no shouting or roaring.

Every word was like an ice piton, stabbing into Stefan's heart.

Hearing these words, Stefan felt his heart stopped beating and he was a little out of breath.

'It is I who trust the wrong person again.

Trust the wrong person again.'

That was too harsh.

It turned out that Nancy trusted him. It would kill her without the USB, but in that emergency, she put it into his hand without hesitation.

Nancy stared at him with red eyes.

"Forget it. Now that it is lost, it's useless to say anything," she said, "it's all my fault. If I had acted earlier, such a thing wouldn't have happened. We don't owe each other. I'm leaving!"

She was only 15 minutes later.

Someone was only 15 minutes earlier than her.

Nancy couldn't swallow her anger.

It didn't matter how the secret was leaked or who took it.

Lily tried her best to tell her the truth, but she couldn't find it out anymore.

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