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   Chapter 136 Are You Really Nancy

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Thanks to the super driving skill of Nancy, Stefan finally arrived before the activity began.

On the way, John sat on the passenger seat, holding the seat belt with one hand and the handrail beside the door with the other. He dared not say anything.

In fact, Nancy didn't mean to look down upon John's driving skills, but he was too cautious and always put safety first when driving.

They were about to be late.

Nancy had no choice but to ask him to pull over and sat on the driver's seat.

When Stefan got off the plane, he felt dizzy.

"It's all your fault," Nancy complained in a low voice.

If they had gone out earlier, she wouldn't have done that.

"If you can't even do this, why do I hire you?" Stefan took it for granted.

The host of the event was already exhausted. Seeing Stefan's car, a lot of people came up.

Nancy put the draft in his hand and reminded him, "it will be broadcast on several major web platforms. Pay attention to yourself."

Stefan also whispered in her ear and smiled, "I am always perfect whether I pay attention to it or not. And you?"

Nancy didn't want to talk to him anymore. When he was giving a speech on the stage, she found a secluded place to hide.

Then she stood still and someone put his hands on her shoulders.

"Miss Nancy, long time no see. I thought I would never see you again in my life. When I saw you standing by just now, I thought I was dazzled. It's really you..."

Nancy didn't even look at the man. She could tell from the voice that it was Johnny.

She would never forgot the voice that once made her tremble.

He put his creepy hand on her shoulder again.

Nancy squinted at the hand on her shoulder and said coldly, "Go away!"

"Miss Nancy, don't be so polite..." Johnny still kept his cheeky smile and said, "we had met before. Your father and I used to be friends, and we get to know each other now. Why are you so cold? How about smiling?"

"Get your hands off me,"

Nancy calmed down and said again.

Johnny still didn't let go of her. Instead, he tightened his grip and tried to pull her over.

"Then don't blame me for being rude." Nancy reached out to hold Johnny's hand and pulled his hand. She stepped back and instantly twisted Johnny's hand behind him.

Then she glanced at the stage in the distance.

Hearing the sound of the fireworks, she bro

till like to do something sneaky. You haven't changed at all," Nancy stared at Queenie and said with contempt.

"Are you really Nancy?" Queenie stared at her face, not daring to blink.

She stared at Nancy's face and didn't want to miss every expression.

In the past, when she was nervous, her right eyelid was still trembling unconsciously.

Nancy remained her calm.

She tried her best to hold back the hatred in her heart and wished there was a knife in her hand to stab into the heart of the woman in front of her.

To destroy a person was not to end her life, but to destroy her hope.

Bearing the pain, Nancy looked away and didn't look at the woman in front of her anymore.

"No, you are not her." Queenie seemed to feel the anger of Nancy and stepped back.

"Are you afraid?" Nancy approached her step by step and asked coldly, "do you also know how to be afraid? Have you ever dreamed of me in the past three years? Did you ever wake up from a nightmare? Do you think it's impossible for me to stand in front of you? When you pushed me into the cold sea, you didn't expect that we would meet again, did you?"

Queenie stepped back.

She was wearing a pair of flat shoes. The sole was very thin, and the gravel under her feet made her feet painful and unable to stand steadily.

She fell to the ground and felt a dull pain in her belly. She covered her belly and screamed with a pale face, "Nancy, what do you want to do? Why do you come back? To take Allen back? I can give him back to you. It's not that troublesome. Anyway, I'm tired of him."

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