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   Chapter 132 An Overseas Call At Midnight

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As soon as Allen entered the room, Queenie took out her phone and saw several messages from Cathy

"Sister, what's the use of letting me do this?"

"Your husband has been texting me all the time. Do you think that I should call him back or not?"

"If you can't live on, then get a divorce. With your beauty, you don't have to worry about finding a better one."

In addition, the screenshots sent by Cathy were full of care and concern from Allen.

Thinking of the hypocritical face of Allen just now, Queenie felt sour in her heart. Coupled with her pregnancy reaction, she went to the washstand and vomited wildly.

She raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror. Indeed, she had taken good care of herself in the past three years. There was no trace of time on her face, but her heart was tired and broken.

She was no longer as high spirited and vigorous as before. Her eyes had been withered and she had lost the skill to seduce people.

That was a skill she had painstakingly cultivated for a long time, and now it was almost worn out by marriage.

She texted Cathy back, "it's none of your business and don't ask me what I want to do. Just take the money and don't talk too much."

"Where is the money?" Cathy asked.

"Didn't I say that I'll give it to you after it's done?" Queenie typed.

"It's not done already?" Cathy put on a surprised look and said, "I've done a real job with your husband. You know how much it is at my price. At least you should pay it first before we talk about the future."

"I'll give it to you tomorrow." Queenie typed.

This was probably the most ridiculous thing in the world.

She had to pay for her husband's prostitution.

However, Cathy was unhappy and said, "You can just give me a red envelope. It's so troublesome. I'm drinking with someone now, and I happen to lack money for drinking. Don't you want me to ask your husband for it?"

In fact, Cathy didn't care about how she took the money. This was what Nancy asked her to keep the transfer record.

Queenie had planned to keep an eye on Cathy, but on second thought, she decided to let it go.

She gritted her teeth and sent a red envelope on we-chat.

"Love you." Cathy sent her two words with a heart.

"Sister, when will you give me the money you promised?" Cathy didn't give up and insisted on gettin

cy felt that her heart was blocked and she was getting farther and farther away from the truth.

As for funeral home and hospital, they had been separated for so many years, and it was impossible to investigate. If the other party was so careful, he would not leave any evidence for her to investigate.

She had a strong intuition.

That was Simon.

Nancy's phone rang. She took a look and found it was an overseas number.

This phone number was new and few people knew it.

It seemed that the call was from the M Country.

"Hello," Nancy answered briefly.

An excited female voice came through the phone.

Stefan was lying so far away that he heard the scream on the phone.

"Okay, Nancy. Do you want to die?"

It was Nancy's childhood friend June. At this time, June was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes.

"June..." Nancy was still calm. Compared with June on the other end of the phone, it was funny.

"Where have you been all these years? I thought I would never see you again? When I heard the news about you, I was so sad that I wanted to die for you. If my father hadn't stopped me, I would have killed those two bitches! You're back. Why don't you contact me? Are you crazy? " June said so many words so fast.

"Okay." Lying on her side, Nancy covered the phone with her hand. She felt hot in her ears and swallowed hard. She pretended not to let Stefan see her joke.

"What? Are you crying? Wait for me. I'll get back at you! " June said, "I'll be back in a few days. I'm going to beat you up for pissing me off."

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