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   Chapter 124 You Are Being Unreasonable

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Everyone was talking about Shawn's girlfriend excitedly.

Only he sat quietly, unthinking.

Only in this way could he forget the embarrassment just now.

Why is it always like this.

He looked up and saw that Nancy had already sorted out her hair and put on her clothes.

But there was something missing in her right hair, which lowered her overall appearance.

"I'm sorry." Shawn said softly, "I didn't mean it."

Sitting on the deck chair, Nancy looked straight at Shawn and said indifferently, "Last time it was clothes, and this time it was hair. I don't know what it is next time."

"Well..." Shawn was a little embarrassed, "Last time it was this damn watch that broke your clothes."

He remembered the last time they met.

It was still fresh in his memory.

Every time it was because of gold, these drama would happen.

"Is the woman who ran out just now the daughter of the Jiang family?" Nancy asked calmly.


"Which Jiang family are you talking about?"

"How many other Jiang families are there in the A City?" Shawn said, "since she can be my sister's best friend, of course she is not an ordinary family. She is the youngest daughter of the chairman Kevin."

Nancy said, "she has a crush on you."

"Of course not!" With a wry smile, Shawn said, "what did you say? I have always treated her as my little sister. I have watched her and my sister grow up. You are wrong about this."

Nancy kept silent for a long time and said softly, "I'm sorry to trouble you."

"What trouble?" Shawn was confused.

Mavis saw the scene just now and didn't think it was a big deal. She could explain it to her later.

What's the trouble?

What Nancy thought was not that simple.

The Jiang family was one of the four business tycoons in the A City.

There were four big groups in the A City, and according to their surnames, they were called Gao, Jiang, Gu and Mu. These four big groups were outstanding in their respective business fields, almost monopolizing the clothes, food, transportation and even the whole city and the whole country.

If it was the Jiang family who ran out just now.


The dubious scene between her and Shawn should have been heard by Sherry, and soon the Mu family should know.

"It's troublesome." Lowering her head, Nancy continued.

This was the last thing she wanted to be misunderstood.

It was all his fault. She couldn't get rid of James no matter how hard she tried.

When you go on a mission in the future, you must use the honey trap carefully. If you can attack directly, don't cause any more trouble.

"What are you thinking about?" Shawn asked,

ut a wallet from her LV shoulder bag. After he got it, he hurried out.

It must be because there were too many people here and everyone was squeezing into the elevator, so the monitoring couldn't take these details.

Nancy bypassed Jenny, passed through several people and grabbed the pickpocket.

She patted the man on the shoulder and pressed an acupuncture point on his arm.

The thief's arm was stiff and he felt guilty. He was scared by the gaze of Nancy. He knew that she was not an ordinary person. She was good at fighting and upright. It was not good for him to make a fuss now.

He handed his wallet to Nancy and ran away.

All this happened in a place where Jenny couldn't see.

When she finally stood up, the elevator door was full and closed.

"Hey, wait..." Jenny scolded, "what the hell is this place? Why can't it open one more elevator?"

She suddenly found that her bag seemed to be lighter. She opened it and saw where was her wallet?

She suddenly turned around and saw Nancy holding her wallet.

"Well, you are a thief!" She took two steps forward and grabbed Nancy's hand. "No wonder you made a detour when you saw me fall. You stole my wallet and ran away, didn't you?"

Nancy frowned.

"Dama, You are being unreasonable." She said coldly.

"Dama?" Jenny was so angry that she almost went crazy. She was just more than 40 years old and under fifty. She took good care of herself and looked like more than 30. How could this girl call her Dama?

"Who are you talking about?" Jenny rolled her eyes, "Am I being unreasonable? Well, you can't leave now. I'll call the police and let them come here to see who is unreasonable. What's wrong with you to be a thief? It's unbelievable! Just wait. I'll call the police! "

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