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   Chapter 120 You Should Hate The Mu Family Instead

My Sweet Super Wife By Kong Chan Characters: 6692

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When Allen walked out of the door, he suddenly felt relieved.

He shook his hair.

Staring at Allen on the screen, Nancy paused and zoomed in to see the scars on his face.

You deserves it.

She smiled complacently.

"Come and eat." Stefan's voice came from behind her.

Nancy closed the computer.

She thought, 'It's not my business tonight. Next, it's up to you. Queenie, will you admit defeat so soon? You won't let this man kick you away. Let me see how despicable you can be.'

Sitting at the dinner table, Stefan looked at Nancy and asked, " Why are you in such a good mood?"

With a smile on her face, Nancy said happily, "Is there anything bothering you?"

"Sit down and eat." Stefan gave her a hint with his eyes.

Nancy looked at the dinner table and found that it looked great. Fried salmon and fresh salad looked delicious.

Although it was not a big deal, considering Stefan's identity, he didn't need to worry about cooking food.

There was no hope for Nancy to eat the food he made.

Stefan raised his glass and gave a hint to Nancy, "Let's have a taste."

Nancy looked at him in confusion. 'He must have done something bad to ingratiate himself with me!'

He cooked delicious food for me with a smile on her face

"I didn't keep an eye on you just now. Is it poisonous?" Nancy asked.

Stefan picked up the knife and looked very honest, He cut a small piece of salmon and put it into his mouth. After swallowing it, he raised his eyebrows and changed the one in front of him and the one in front of Nancy.

"Are you relieved?" He asked.

Nancy ate it with relief.

But there was no suspense about the taste. It was as bad as she thought.

'no wonder he has such a good figure. He can't eat much even if he cooks these food with little oil and salt all day long. How can his body fat not be low?'? How could he not have six pack abs?

Nancy tasted the salad.

She frowned as soon as she took a big gulp.

There was something hidden in the dish.

er sound.

The phone rolled aside and touched the hands-free.

"I know what you are worried about. You still have me in your heart, right? You are just afraid of that shrew..." "Don't be afraid, Allen. I've already asked for a divorce. I'm sorry. I'm not a man. I didn't know she pushed you into the sea. I was blind. I've lived with a vicious woman for three years. It's you who should have been with me! Come back to me, please? I will make it up to you... "

Stefan was pissed off when he heard these words.

He was suppressed by Nancy and couldn't make a sound. He could only stare at her. Well, it turned out that you

Nancy blinked at him and said, "shut up. It's none of your business. Leave me alone."

She wanted to get out, picked up the phone and hung up.

This time, it was Stefan's turn to pull her and stop her from moving.

Let him say. I'll see what he want to say about this.

After drinking too much, Allen didn't feel anything wrong. Even though the phone was very quiet and there was no sound, he kept saying, "Handing over the core technology to the Mu Group is not my intention. You should know that I was forced to do so. That night, the chairman called me personally. He threatened me. I had no choice but to give in If you want to hate, you can hate the Mu family Nancy, are you listening? "

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