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   Chapter 116 Without Me, Will You Be Here Today

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When Allen arrived at the 4S shop, he still didn't see Nancy. He only saw the car parked there.

He grabbed the shop assistant's hand and asked anxiously, "Where is the owner of this car?"

"She has left," the shop assistant said, "she asked me to give this to you."

Allen took it over and saw a business card of the insurance commissioner.

He held the card with a heavy heart.

"Are you Mr. Allen?" The shop assistant of the 4S store said, "Miss Nancy asked me to tell you that she was sorry to crash your car. But she's very busy with her work. She asked you to call our compensation officer directly and there's no need to contact her anymore."

Hearing these words, Allen felt his heart was torn apart.

It meant... That they would never have any intersection in the future.

He couldn't forget her face and her expression when they had dinner together last night. How could she just disappear?

'Have you forgotten all the previous feelings between us?'

He had completely forgotten her, but she suddenly broke into his peaceful life and began to think about the beautiful past between them.


Feeling disappointed, Allen walked out of the 4S store and kept calling Nancy.

He had missed her once, and he couldn't miss her again.

He was like a young man who had just fallen in love and lost his soul after being rejected.

Nancy didn't answer the phone.

He called her many times and was about to give up when he finally heard Nancy's voice.

"Where are you?" Allen asked excitedly.

Nancy said, "I'm in the mall. Tomorrow is your mother's birthday. Don't you remember? I picked a gift for her. Please send it to her for me, not to mention that I sent it."

Allen didn't know what to say.

Tomorrow was his mother's birthday. He even forgot it.

"Okay," he asked, "where are you? I'll go with you."

"No, thanks. I've already bought it," Nancy said, "I've packed it and sent it to your home. You can send it to your mom for me. We... If there is no need, we'd better not meet each other."

"Hey... Hello..."

Nancy hung up, and Allen didn't even have time to say a word.

No! He wanted to see her as much as possible.

It was his fault that he didn't cherish the past.

So many years had passed, and she still remembered his mother's birthday. Every year when she was with her mother, she would prepare gifts for his parents. And she call his parents more diligent than him in various festivals.

He didn't know how lucky he was at that time.

He stood on the side of the road in disappointment and hailed a taxi. He could only go home. Maybe he missed it an

ecame angry from shame in order to hide his panic and guilty.

He pointed at Queenie and said, "It doesn't matter who prepared it. What about you? I am asking. What about you? You don't even remember my mother's birthday tomorrow. How can you be so shameless? How can you be such a daughter-in-law? You spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes, bags and cosmetics every month. Have you ever thought about my mother? What did you buy for her?"

Hearing the series of questions, Queenie felt that she was the one who was the most wronged.

She roared, "Is it because I don't want to buy it for her? Don't you see her attitude towards me? When did she look up to me? Your mother is just an accountant in a small county. Why does she think she is nobler than me? Why does she always belittle me? You never know my grievance. What you did was to be partial to your family and always cater to them."

Blue veins stood out on his forehead. Allen roared, "If you look down upon my family and me, then don't marry me. Have you forgotten how you lied to me? You said you were pregnant and forced me to get married. If I always cater to my family, you won't be the one who stands in this room."

"Okay!" Queenie screamed, "you finally speak out what you really think. Your parents think that I'm not as good as Nancy, and you think so too. You have never thought of marrying me at all. You regret it. You bastard! Without me, will you be here today? Can you afford to buy this house and your car? Are you going to turn against me? Allen, do you think you are superior to me?"

"You are so unreasonable. Calm down for a few days."

Allen grabbed the gift, angrily went into the bedroom, packed up a few clothes, and rushed out of the door.

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