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   Chapter 115 Cheating

My Sweet Super Wife By Kong Chan Characters: 8688

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After hanging up the phone, Allen opened the bathroom door and saw Queenie waiting outside.

"Are you done?" With a straight look on his face, he said irritably, "Are you eavesdropping me outside the room?"

"Who are you calling right now?" asked Queenie angrily.

She felt so sorry for him. She had thought that he would come back in the middle of the night and coax her kindly as before after she drove him to the study room.

She had planned to tell him the news of her pregnancy if he could explain the thing clearly.

As soon as he got up early in the morning, she called that woman in the bathroom.

He couldn't live without this women for even a second?

"What do you mean?" Allen asked "Or are you suspecting me? I've explained it to you last night. I'm going to have dinner with a manager from the technology department. If you don't believe me, I can do nothing about it. I just called him to apologize. You're so rude, which embarrassed me... "

"Give me your phone." Queenie spread out her hands to him.

"Here you are." Allen was very frank about that. He felt that if he changed the note name, no one would suspect him anymore.

Besides, he had deleted the we-chat messages.

Queenie just checked the call log and returned the phone to him quietly.

"Is that really him?" She asked.

"It's okay if you don't believe me. It's just so unreasonable!" Allen grabbed his phone and went back to his room. He put on his clothes and was ready to go out.

Queenie leaned against the door, watching him comb his hair in front of the mirror and carefully tidy up his shirt collar.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"I'll go back to work." answered Allen.

Queenie walked behind him and hugged him.

"Allen, I was too impulsive yesterday. I was wrong. Can you forgive me?" She asked gently.

Allen was stunned.

She suddenly became gentle, which was different from last night. On the way back yesterday, she was still furious when she smelled the perfume in the car.

As soon as he got home, he was interrogated and rushed to the study.

It seemed that he had figured it out.

He turned around, held his wife in his arms, patted her on the back and said, "Isn't it good to talk nicely to me like this? Now that you know you are wrong, it's okay. I have explained to him. Just forget it. "

"Okay." Nestling in his arms, Queenie said, "We are finally free this weekend. Let's go to the countryside to relax, okay? You should not get out. "

"No." Allen refused without hesitation. Thinking that Nancy was still waiting for him, he had no mood to relax.

? The car was driven away? Didn't you say that you would wait for me? " Allen said anxiously.

Nancy said, "I've been waiting for you for a long time. I thought you wouldn't come. I've driven the car to the 4S shop."

"Where? Wait for me there. I'll be right there." Said Allen.

Nancy said, "I don't want to bother you. It's a rare weekend. You can go back to accompany Queenie. I don't want to affect your marriage because of me last night. We'd better stop meeting in private again."

"I want to see you. I didn't sleep last night and all I thought about was you." Afraid of hearing her refusal, Allen said, "you don't know. When she scolded me and beat me, I didn't care at all. I just want you. If you were me, you would never beat me like this. You have always been kind. I'm still worried about you. What about you? Will you be disappointed if you don't see me when you come out? Don't you understand my heart? Wait for me, okay? I'll be there soon."

The parking lot was empty, and the sound of talking echoed in it.

Queenie heard him clearly even from a distance.

She just wanted to grab Allen and beat him up.

But even so, it couldn't restrain her heartache.

She held back her anger and told herself to calm down and see that woman in person.

Therefore, she followed Allen quietly and got on the taxi again.

Nancy sat in the car and watched them disappear from the monitoring range of the Mu Group, then she changed into another road. She drove fast all the way to the 4S shop.

The wicked two chased after each other.

Behind them, under the eyes of God, Nancy stared at them, played with them in the palm of her hand, and treated them as two laboratory rats, slowly torturing them to death.

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