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   Chapter 114 One Room For Each

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After a while, the embarrassing situation got worse.

Shawn and Stefan were sitting at the table. They looked at each other and didn't look well. One was as fierce as Zhong Kui, and the other frowned and lost in thought.

Nancy was cooking noodles for the new comer Shawn in the kitchen.

It was an open kitchen. One could see the table and observe the situation of the two people.

"Stefanie, today is weekend. I thought you didn't have any activities and wanted to ask you out to play golf." Shawn broke the silence first.

"Don't come here again." Said Stefan.

"Okay." Shawn looked at Nancy and then turned to Stefan, "What do you mean by 'pillow friend'?"

He had grown up abroad and just returned home not long ago. He was afraid that his understanding of some words was wrong.

"The noodles are ready." Nancy put the noodles in front of him.

"Miss Nancy, please tell me." Shawn didn't give up.

Nancy said, "yes..."

"It means nothing." Stefan said, "If you keep talking nonsense, I'll immediately flush your things into the sewer."

"Go back to pack your things and come here obediently. If I can't see you tonight, you know the consequences." Stefan decided to make more moves.

"Okay." Nancy gritted her teeth and said, "one room for each. Freedom and human rights!"

Shawn smiled and said, "I support you."

"Do you have the right to make a condition?" Stefan asked.

Nancy said, "You must keep our relationship a secret! It can't affect my reputation, my personal life or my normal social activities. You can't interfere too much. "

"Okay." Shawn nodded and said, "You are right about this."

"No way." Stefan said, "It's me who make the rules, not you. Don't turn the tables. The initiative is in my hand, and you have to be obedient."

He sneered. What do you mean by affecting my reputation? If you want to affect it, it will also affect my reputation, okay? Who do you think you are?

Nancy said, "Anyway, I have to warn you first. If you force me and go against my will, I will not go easy on you and will definitely use violence to solve the problem."

Stefan raised his chin and squinted at her with contempt.

"Brother, let's go." He took Shawn's hand and left.

Nancy looked at his arrogant face and shook her head helplessly.

Why did Stefan always like to threaten others.

"Why do you insist that I live here? What in hell do you want from me?" Nancy

e whole morning and found that what she said was more and more credible.

He looked through the WeChat records and felt a little worried. He had sent so many messages to her this morning, but she didn't reply at all.

Are you angry?

When he was thinking whether he should call her or not, his phone rang.

He had secretly changed the note name of Nancy to manager.

When he saw the caller ID, he was so excited that he turned the tap on to the maximum on purpose to answer the phone.

"Nancy? Are you okay? Are you okay? " He asked.

Nancy said, "are you okay? Did you quarrel with her? "

"She is a madwoman. She behaved like that in the dining room..." "I taught him a lesson when I came back. Last night, I moved into the study." Allen said.

As soon as Nancy came out of Stefan's house and walked on the street, she heard what Allen said and couldn't help laughing at him.

You taught him a lesson? I think you were taught a lesson and then sent to the study to sleep.

"That's good." Said Nancy.

"What are you doing? Did you see the WeChat message I sent you? " "This weekend..."

"I'm going to the company and drive the car to the garage." Said Nancy.

"Let me go with you." Said Allen.

Nancy hailed a taxi and sat in the back seat. When she calmed down, she could clearly hear the sound of water from Allen's phone.

This guy was actually hiding in the bathroom and making a phone call.

"I don't think it's a good idea." Nancy said, "today is weekend. You should keep Queenie company."

"Wait for me in the parking lot of the company. I'll be there soon." said Allen.

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