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   Chapter 113 I Thought We Were Just...

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Staring at Stefan, Nancy didn't say anything. In order to avoid his pouncing on her, she quickly pushed him out and closed the door.

She checked everything here carefully.

'Was he a freak?'

Nancy thought.

These clothing were all brand new, including clothes, bags and shoes.

If he had any his ex-girlfriends, they should take away so many new and untouched things.

According to the investigation about Stefan, he was blank in love, or he handled it well. No one knew.

But he didn't have a girlfriend in public.

He even didn't have any to live together.

'Was he a fanatic for women's clothes?

He bought a whole room of clothes for himself?'

Nancy shook her head to get rid of those thoughts.

She randomly picked up a white vest and jeans and put them on, which unexpectedly fitted her.

And shoes...

Nancy focused her eyes on the shoes and found that each pair of shoes was her size.

Besides, about the underwear...

It was also her size.

With mixed feelings, Nancy suddenly thought boldly, 'Does Stefan prepare these for me?'

'I'll find you a house and move it out immediately!'

That's what Stefan said.

In the afternoon, she saw him secretly tell something to the life secretary, and then she didn't see the secretary come back even after work.

Is he preparing for this?

If that was the case, he had been planning this since he decided to hire her to be his assistant.

Stefan took the key and opened the door.

"These..." Nancy turned to him and asked, "are they for me?"

Stefan said, "What if I say no?"

"……" Staring at him, she asked, "Are they or not?"

"Do you like them?" Stefan asked.

"No," Nancy shook her head and frowned, "not at all."

"It's not up to you whether you like it or not," Stefan stopped smiling and said, "you must move in today."

"No," Nancy said, avoiding Stefan's eyes.

There was something frightening in his eyes.

"You!" Holding her hand, Stefan asked, "do you know how many women want to move into this house?"

"I don't know." Nancy hurried to the bedroom, picked up her phone and bag, and was about to leave.

Stefan didn't expect her to react like this.

He had never met this kind of thing since h

s not that kind of thing."

"Which kind?" Stefan frowned. He almost got mad with rage.

Nancy said, "didn't you say that? You just like my body, so I thought we were just..."

"What?" Stefan questioned her.

He would like to hear what she said.

"Shtup buddies," said Nancy in a small voice.

"What?" Hearing that, Stefan raised his voice and walked close to Nancy. He grabbed her shoulder and said in a gloomy voice, "say it again."

"I thought we were just shtup buddies!" Nancy shouted loudly, which echoed in the room.

'Didn't we make a deal last time?

Don't you only like my body? They only liked each other's body. What could it be?'

Nancy stared straight into his eyes.

Stefan was burning with anger.

He couldn't stand it. It was a contempt for him. How could this woman just take him as a shtup buddy?

Was she conscientious?

'Nancy, do you have a conscience?'

"Well... Hi!"

When the two of them stared at each other, they heard a voice come from the hallway.

"Stefanie, am I coming at the wrong time?" Shawn walked out in embarrassment.

He had heard what they said just now. He was afraid to hear more and more explosive words, so he must come out.

Nancy turned around and stared at his hand with her eyes wide open.

"What did you take? Put it down!" Nancy said in a sharp voice.

Shawn quickly put down the silk stockings in his hand and said, "I thought someone fell here by accident. I was about to throw it away..."

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