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   Chapter 112 You Can Solve It By Yourself!

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Fortunately, Stefan lived in a house with a staircase.

Otherwise, anyone who saw the hot scene in the elevator would probably be scared to blush.

From the entryway to the door, the clothes of the two were scattered everywhere.

Like a winding snake.

The bed in the bedroom was trembling. It had been a long time since the fierce battle had happened here.

Nancy lay on the bed. The pillow, the quilt and her body were all soft.

The only thing he could do was to be as hard as he could.

Stefan looked at her and grabbed her hand. Her face was red and her skin was red.

He hadn't seen her so gentle for a long time.

He tried his best to release what he wanted to say and his concern for her.

This battle lasted till the latter half of the night.

The two of them were so tired that their sweat stuck to their skin, bringing sticky discomfort.

Stefan lay on the bed, his right hand interlocked with ten fingers of Nancy. Her breath was in his nose, and her gradually stable breath was in his ears.

He turned over and held her in his arms.

At this time, Nancy was so tired that she fell asleep.

He lowered his head, looked at the woman in his arms, touched the sweat on her forehead, and whispered, "you're asleep?"

He stood up gently, walked to the bathroom and poured hot water into the bathtub.

After confirming the water temperature, he walked to the bed and picked up Nancy.

She was too tired.

She hadn't slept well for a long time. Squinting her eyes, she asked vaguely, "what's wrong?"

"You can't sleep like this." Stefan said gently, "You are sweating all over. The makeup on your face hasn't been cleaned yet. It's so dirty."

He was surprised at his change of mind.

He didn't kick the sweating man out of bed at all.

Nancy said, "I'm tired."

"I am not tired at all." Stefan said as he took her to the bathroom and gently put her into the bathtub.

It seemed that she didn't notice that water splashed on her nose.

"No, no! Help me Help me! Right now! Don't push me in the water... " She struggled almost instinctively.

She woke up in an instant.

While struggling, she scratched Stefan's face, turned over and pushed Stefan into the water.


She looked at Stefan in front of her and said coldly, "I should go now."

It was not strange at all.

As a good-looking and rich guy, his private life must be chaotic.

There must be all kinds of women staying here.

So, every morning when he got up, he would give her a new set of clothes and let her accompany him to run?

She was very regretful.

She shouldn't have come.

Looking at her cold face, Stefan frowned.

How could this woman be so moody.

"Where are my clothes?" she asked

Stefan gave her a hint and said, "you have these, don't you?"

"I'm asking about what I wore yesterday." Said Nancy.

Stefan squinted and said, "It's on the ground, outside the room!"

Nancy didn't care about him. She walked out of the bedroom barefoot and felt a headache when she saw the mess all over the floor.

She picked them up one by one, only to find that some of them were torn and could no longer be worn.

"Throw it away. Pick a new one." Stefan smiled and opened a door.

When she walked in, she found that this room was actually a huge cloakroom, full of women's clothes, hanging neatly according to the color and series.

Was it from his ex-girlfriend?

This was the first thought that came into her mind.

When she looked back, Stefan was right behind her. He said with a smile, "Why don't you put on your clothes as soon as possible? You always show off in front of me like this. I'm afraid today you are not leaving No one can get out... "

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