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   Chapter 109 Does Stefan Have A Girlfriend

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"Surprise! Sherry, this is my birthday gift for you."

As soon as Stefan entered the house, he heard Shawn's voice, followed by the sound of champagne opening, and Sherry's excited scream.

The servant told him that all the people had arrived and he was the only one missing in the dining room.

He walked to the dining room with the gift in his hand and quietly walked behind his sister, Sherry.


Stefan said calmly and handed the gift to her.

"You both make some surprises," Turning her head, Sherry said discontentedly, "why does Stefan sound unhappy?"

"It is enough to make you happy with my gift.

Dad! Mom! I'm late. I have something to deal with in the company," said Stefan respectfully.

"Humph!" With a long face, Colin stared at him and said, "why don't you come back and collect the dishes after we finish eating? Shawn is naughty, and you are naughty too. You both have moved out. You haven't got married yet, but you don't want to recognize your parents. In the future, when you get married and have children, I think you don't even want to come back."

"No." Stefan lowered his head and sat down.

Sherry comforted him, "Dad, you are always not happy about Stefan. Of course he doesn't want to come back. He is very busy with his work. I can testify for him. Stefan moved out just to get closer to the company. Why do you still blame him? On the contrary, Shawn has been back for a long time, but he doesn't go to the company to help. Instead, he insists on opening a studio at home and even lives in it. Why don't you talk about him? It's unfair!"

She opened the gift box of Stefan and found it was the watch. She grinned from ear to ear. Of course she had to say something for Stefan because she owed him.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Shawn squinted at her discontentedly and pretended to be angry, "you are such a miser. I saw it. Is the gift from Stefanie more expensive than mine? You don't have to step on me even if you flatter him."

"You are just talking nonsense," Jenny patted her daughter's hand affectionately and said, "your father is the most unfair to you. You said you wanted to run a company, so he asked you to do it immediately. Your car is more expensive than your two brothers. What else do you want?"

"Get her married as soon as possible," Shawn smiled and said, "let her go to other people's houses!"

Speaking of this, Colin became serious. He looked at his eldest son, Shawn, and asked coldly, "How dare you talk about your sister?"


ulled him to the garden by the garage, and pressed him on the cane chair.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Stefan looked at her helplessly.

"I asked you to select an assistant for your father, but why did you make her to work for you and make it a hot topic? Your father is very dissatisfied," said Jenny.

"Did Uncle Dick say something to you? What did he say?" asked Stefan.

Jenny questioned him, "What do you think? Did you really fall in love with that woman? Dick has told me that she is a lunatic and you should keep away from her. Why do you let her go?"

"Maybe," said Stefan.

"What do you mean?" Jenny said, "it's okay to have fun with her. If you like her, you can keep her. As for other things, no way! She is such a bitch. She has no background. She doesn't deserve you."

"All right," Stefan replied, "I know."

He stood up and was about to leave.

"Don't leave now." Jenny lowered her voice and said solemnly, "you'd better move back."

"Why?" Stefan said, "father gets angry at the sight of me. Aren't you afraid that I will piss him off to death? I think he is satisfied with Shawn. You can ask him to move back."

"I'm serious." Jenny patted him on the shoulder.

"Why didn't you take it seriously when you told me the fake news?" Stefan said casually, "In the middle of the night, you told me mysteriously that father was seriously ill. What about now? Everything is fine here."

"What fake news? It's true!" Jenny said earnestly, "I asked you to choose an assistant because... Well, forget it. Let's go!"

Staring at his mother's back, Stefan thought to himself, 'Of course I know what you mean. That's why father doesn't like me.'

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