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   Chapter 106 Where Are You Going

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Allen had completely forgotten about it.

In his heart, the most special thing today was to meet Nancy.

But someone remembered this special day.

After an afternoon meeting with Stefan, Nancy went back to the Secretary Office and sat at her temporary desk, staring at the desk calendar in front of her.

She remembered clearly this day.

Three years ago, Allen betrayed her and did something unforgivable with his best friend in the hotel.

It was time to get off work.

The people in the Secretary office were off duty one after another.

"Nancy, we are leaving now..."

Nancy nodded as a consent.

The president's assistant came so suddenly that the office had not been arranged yet.

Stefan meant to ask her to set up a small table in his office, but Nancy refused, so she could only stay with these secretaries outside for two days.

These secretaries were all very polite to her. She hit Dick and became famous in the Mu Group. Everyone was afraid of her.

Seeing that they were almost gone, Nancy took off her coat, unbuttoned two buttons of her shirt, took out a lipstick and carefully applied it on her red lips.

Different from the sensible and decent makeup in the daytime, the simple red touch made her look strong.

Like a blooming red poppy, dangerous and fatal.

She received a we-chat message from Henry.

Nancy clicked it open and saw Henry's message, "There will be an operation soon. I guess it will be very late. I will stay in the dormitory of the hospital today. I won't go back. I will take care of myself at dinner and have a cute smile on my face.".

Looking at the words, Nancy could think of Henry's face.

She replied without hesitation.

This was what he had seen.

On the other side, Henry was about to enter the operating room. He took out his phone and was about to turn it off. When he saw that, he laughed.

It was really her style. Nancy replied in person.

As soon as Nancy stood up with the phone in her hand, Stefan happened to come out of the office.

He stared at her collar and frowned.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"It's off duty now." Said Nancy. She looked at him numbly and said, "it's none of your business.".

"Your off duty time is set by me." Said Stefan.

"Okay." Nancy still had to leave.

She didn't want to talk to h

an or a woman?"

"A man."

"A man! ! !" Stefan couldn't calm down anymore. He grabbed her shoulder and pulled Nancy over. "You have a friend? How could a person like you have friends? "

At this time, the elevator arrived at a floor and the door opened.

Although it was past the rush hour, there were still a few employees waiting for the elevator.

Seeing this scene, no one dared to come in.

"Mr. Mu, Nancy." She could only greet him in a low voice.

Nancy cleared her throat and reminded Stefan that someone was watching.

Stefan quickly let go of his hand and stood there with a gloomy face.

After the elevator door was closed, people outside began to discuss and all kinds of guesses flew in the air.

Stefan held back his curiosity and waited for Nancy's explanation.

But Nancy didn't intend to explain anything to him.

"What's the name of the man who lives with you?" Stefan couldn't help but ask when they were about to arrive at the garage.

"Henry." Nancy didn't hide anything from him.

"What are you doing?" [思凡] asked.

"Doctor." Said Nancy.

"Why do you live with him?" Stefan asked.

"Because there is no place to go." Said Nancy.

Hearing this answer, Stefan was a little happy, but it was so simple.

'he is not my boyfriend. He has nothing to do with me. Is it just because he has nowhere to go?'?

"I'll find you a house and move it out immediately!" Said Stefan.

"Okay." Nancy nodded.

Stefan was very satisfied, with an undisguised smile on his face.

Soon, he stopped laughing.

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