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   Chapter 103 I Also Need An Assistant

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When Stefan arrived at the floor of the human resources department, he found that it was noisy inside, and everyone was walking inside.

No one even noticed him coming in.

The crowd gathered in front of the director's office, so Stefan walked in.

As soon as he got close, he heard Dick shouting to call the police.

He didn't think too much and just asked.

The crowd quickly made way for him.

Stefan looked up and saw Nancy standing quietly.

She was wearing a business suit and a black tight skirt, showing her hot figure.

For a moment, Stefan doubted that he had seen it wrong.

How could she stand here in such clothes?

This was the human resources headquarters of the Mu Group, not any other place.

Was this her new mission?

To deal with Dick?

Stefan glanced at Dick, who was in a mess behind Nancy, and he felt happy.

He had long disliked this guy, who always talked nonsense and never told the truth.

"What's wrong?" Stefan asked.

"Mr. Mu..." Someone whispered, "Miss Nancy, who is here for an interview, beat our director."

"Interview?" Stefan asked, staring at Nancy.

It turned out that Miss Bai called him specially and asked him to come over to select an assistant for the chairman. He was not willing to do that.

He didn't expect to meet Nancy.

But she applied for the chairman's assistant? Stefan had already imagined the scene that she cut the chairman's throat with a knife.

Nancy cast a sidelong glance at him, as if it was none of his business.

Anyway, the interview was screwed up.

"Well!" Stefan said coldly, "You have nothing to do? Did the company pay you to watch the fun? Fuck off! "

The crowd was frightened by his roar and fled away.


Seeing that Nancy was about to leave, Dick pulled her back and said, "You can't leave."

Nancy held back her hand and didn't give him a low kick in public.

For the sake of Stefan.

"Let me go." Nancy threw Dick away casually, which made him almost lose his balance and embarrassed again.

She looked at Stefan as if she was saying, "What do you think I should do?"

"Director Chen is right." With a smile on his face, Stefan glared at Nancy, but he went over to hol

to Stefan, "Look, you see, such a person... I... "

Stefan said, "Director Chen, let her to compensate for your mental damage and damage to our group's property. Ask her to compensate for them, a hundred times more."

"Yes!" After thinking for a while, Dick felt something was wrong. "No, it's useless to compensate for money. Can money heal my wound?"

"How much do you want?" Nancy asked.

During the whole process, she didn't look at Dick or care about what the old lecher was thinking. She just stared at Stefan.

With a serious look on his face, Stefan said, "I have to ask Director Chen about it. The mental damage compensation should be at least three to five million dollars, and calculated by a hundred times..."

"Well..." Dick was also stunned. What was this? Blackmail?

"I don't have money." Said Nancy.

"You have to pay the debt with your body." Stefan glanced at her up and down and said, "Director Chen said that you are a rare talent. Since you are a talent, the Mu Group will never let you go. But considering your poor quality, you are not qualified for the position of assistant to the chairman."

"So what?" Nancy looked at him and asked.

Stefan walked to his desk, picked up her resume, and pretended to look through it. He said, "Good, Director Chen's taste is unique. You are indeed a talent, and I happen to need an assistant. I think you are barely good. Have a try first."

"What?" Dick was even more surprised than Nancy.

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