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   Chapter 102 I Dare Do What they Dare Not Do!

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Early in the morning, Nancy arrived at the Mu Group.

She stood outside the building, looking up at the building like the fortress with reinforced cement.

The glass of the glass wall reflected the dazzling light in the sunshine, shining Nancy's eyes. She had never been so confident.

"Mu Group, I'm here. I hope you can be as indestructible as you look."

She said to herself.

The employees walked in one after another. Nancy confidently stepped in the Mu Group. It was her first step of entering the Mu Group.

She walked steadily and wore a pair of high-heeled shoes. In her fast steps, the heels hit the ground, making a crisp sound.

After checking in at the front desk, Nancy went straight to the elevator.

She had to go to the human resources department first to go through the process, such as filling in forms, and all kinds of written tests and capability tests.

Only those who stood out in these rounds could have the second round of interview with the department manager. Perhaps only after a few rounds of interview could they see the chairman.

When she arrived at the human resources department of the Mu Group, Nancy was arranged to wait in a lounge. There were already many people here, just like her, who were here for interview.

All the people here, except her, looked a little nervous.

Only Nancy didn't pay much attention to the form in her hand. She turned around and looked around the room.

She saw several cameras, so she understood.

The test had already begun.

If her thought were right, someone was analyzing everyone's character and behavior in front of a computer.

The air conditioner in the lounge seemed to fail, so she didn't feel hot when she came in. Sitting for a long time and feeling nervous, many people began to be irritable.

In such a small space, there was no air conditioner, and they had to concentrate on thinking about the writing questions.

Many of them were sweating.

The commissioner came in and brought each person a cup of hot coffee.

Nancy took a sip of the coffee.

The coffee tasted strange with salt in it.

She put down the coffee cup expressionlessly.

At the same time, she also noticed that there was some coffee powder in the fingernails of the beauty commissioner, who gave her the coffee.

Most of them refused hot coffee. Some had drunk and vomited. Some even blamed her for bringing such coffee.

The commissioner smiled politely and explained, "Maybe it's a mistake. I'm sorry."

As soon as they began to talk, many people couldn'

"This is the office," said Dick, "Miss Nancy, please calm down."

"I'm very calm." Said Nancy.

"What can you do that they dare not do?" Dick looked at Nancy with a smile.

Nancy stopped talking and gave a contemptuous look.

Soon, a man's scream came from the director's office.

Everyone gathered at the door, waiting to see what was going on.

With a bang, the door of the office was quickly opened.

With a straight face, Nancy acted as if nothing had happened.

No one noticed that her right fist was still trembling.

Everyone looked inside.

The desk had been smashed, but Dick was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is the director?" Someone whispered.

"I heard his voice just now..."

"Excuse me, please." Said Nancy.

They made a way for her soon.

As soon as she took a step forward, Dick stood up from the ground, covered half of his eyes and said, "Stop her. Don't let her go. I want to sue her! Sue her for intentional injury! "

Everyone was stunned and looked at Nancy.

Did she beat the director?

At first, no one stopped her, and everyone secretly praised her in their hearts that she did a good job.

But there were always some people who liked to flatter their leaders. Several men stopped Nancy.

Dick came out.

He was so angry that he wanted to tear Nancy apart. He pointed at the back of her head and said, "How dare you apply for the chairman's assistant? I'll find you a good place. You will stay in prison! You wait! Why are you standing there? Call the police! "

"Call the police? Why? Director Chen, why are you so angry? "

A deep voice came.

Everyone shivered. When they looked back, someone shouted in surprise, "Mr. Mu..."

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