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   Chapter 101 I Found A Job

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In the afternoon, Nancy drove Henry's car out. With the card that Henry left to her, she bought daily necessities and a lot of food.

Once, the car drove past the school that Carl was in, but she still didn't stop.

When she drove the car, she felt sad and wanted to stop and take a secret look at Carl.

Her mind told her that she couldn't do that.

She knew that everything she did was under the surveillance of SR.

Whether she took a detour or slowed down, they would see it clearly if she hesitated.

Even if it was Carl in front of her, she had to pretend not to see him.

After she went to the supermarket, Nancy went back to Henry's house and began to cook for herself.

As the sun set and the golden sun shone, the house looked less cold, but more warm.

Nancy made a meal for everyone. The food was just enough for herself, and there was no more rice.

She checked her e-mail while eating.

After reading the reply of the HR of the Mu Group, she was informed to go for an interview at 9 o'clock on the second day.

She held the chopsticks in her hand with two fingers and turned around.

It was clear that she was excited.

"You have a good taste." She picked up a piece of meat and put it into her mouth.

With her resume and ability, it was more than enough for her to be an assistant to the chairman.

Nancy thought to herself, 'I'm even capable enough to protect the president.'

It was not a big deal for her to be an assistant to the chairman.

She would definitely get it tomorrow.

At the same time, as expected, her whereabouts on this day were completely transparent in the headquarters of SR.

The moment she received the reply, the headquarter of SR also got a copy of the e-mail.

Nancy's direct contact, Metis, was having a video conference with the headquarters to report her situation.

"Metis, are you sure that Athena is normal?" Someone that worked in the management apartment of the headquarters asked.

"Judging from the current situation, she is very normal," Metis said, "Her mood is stable."

"Then why did she apply for the position of assistant to the chairman of the Mu Group?"

"Maybe it's just out of hatred," said Metis.

"Maybe?" In the headquarters, a cold laughter was heard. "Metis, what we want to know is not something might happen. The thing that happened to Lily can't happen again. If something happens to Athena, you should immediately solve

close to Colin means getting close to the top decision-maker of the Mu Group. I want to take back my father's works. There's nothing more suitable to do," Nancy said with ease.

"Nancy, you still can't forget it..." Henry stared at her.

"Is there..." With her hands on the table, she stared at Henry and asked, "an operation that makes people lose their memory?"

"Do you want to do it?"

"Well, after destroying the Mu Group, you can do it for me, okay? It's great that I can be free from worries and work for SR without any thoughts," said Nancy expressionlessly.

Henry was touched by the desire in her eyes and nodded unconsciously.

"If only there were..." he sighed.

Nancy stood up and said, "I'm going back to my room to sleep."

"Don't you want to watch the ball game with me?" Henry asked.

"I never stay up late."

Nancy turned around and became serious. If she agreed to watch the ball game, it was quite deliberate for her.

A woman was not interested in playing basketball, but she promised to watch it with a man late at night. If she didn't do it to cover up her sleeplessness, it meant that this woman had a crush on this man. They would watch TV and then sleep together.

Coincidentally, Nancy didn't have this kind of thought, and she didn't want to hide her insomnia.

She went back to her room and took out the clothes she was going to wear tomorrow. She lay on the bed and had nothing to do. She searched online about what to wear for the job interview and what makeup to wear.

It was time to go to bed. She was sure that Henry would come to confirm whether she was asleep.

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