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   Chapter 100 Interview For The Assistant Of Chairman

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'Hello, A City. I'm back!'

The moment she walked out of the airport, Nancy looked up at the dark sky and took off her sunglasses.

The strong sunlight was so dazzling that she narrowed her eyes.

It looked like she was smiling like a crescent moon.

The air here was not as good as that in Europe. As soon as she left the airport, she felt that the air was filled with a strong smell of car exhaust.

Nancy was wearing a loose top, simple jeans and snowball shoes.

She pushed the shopping cart with luggage and followed Henry to the parking lot to pick up the car.

The suitcase was full of gifts bought by Henry for Carl.

Nancy didn't expect that Henry would be so considerate.

'You're his elder sister. You haven't been back for a long time. You should bring some gifts to them.'

That was what Henry said.

These words made her a little uneasy. They hadn't seen each other for so many years. Did Carl still remember her?

She didn't know how to tell her uncle about it.

She followed Henry step by step, but she became more and more serious.

The two of them wore ordinary clothes, but standing in the crowd, they were very eye-catching.

Everyone noticed Nancy and Henry even they didn't pay attention to them.

After getting in the car, Henry said, "Open the glove box. There is a surprise in it."

Confused, Nancy opened it and took out a small file bag.

"This is..."

She opened it and saw her ID card, passport, household register, driver's license...

"Nancy, you can be yourself now," Henry said.

Nancy took out her ID card, looked at the photos on it, and saw 'Nancy' in the name column.

She used to think the photos were ugly, but now they looked so pleasing.

Henry drove the car and asked, "Where are we going? Let's pick up Carl and have dinner together, okay?"

'Where are we going?'

What Henry asked confused Nancy.

She looked out of the window and didn't know where to go.

"No," she said stiffly.

She wondered how Carl would feel when he saw her, and whether he had grown taller and fatter...

"Don't you want to see your family?" Henry asked.

From his professional perspective, it was very normal for Nancy's reaction now. She lost part of her emotion processing and was relatively dull to emotions.

Nancy said, "I don't know what to say to them."

"They must be very happy to see you," said Henry.

"Maybe there would be fear and blame," Nancy said, "please send the things to Carl. I won't go. And don't mention that I'm back."

"When are you going to meet them?" Henry asked.

"Wait for the right time." Nancy said.

"What kind of


Later, she used the hacker technology to make up a perfect personal experience for herself.

She could make whatever she wanted.

She could say in the resume that she graduated from the Ivy League college with two master's degree. And she was proficient in the language of the ten countries. How about work experiences? It was just a piece of cake.

She could also deal with the social media. And she also loved traveling, fitness and photography...

A few minutes later, no matter how hard they search online, they would find the woman whose name was Nancy was perfect.

Not to mention the HR of the Mu Group, even the senior security department couldn't find any flaws.

After that, she picked up the key of the car and went shopping.

She knew that Henry left the car for her just to know her whereabouts, such as where she had gone and how long she had stayed. He could deduce all of those according to the driving route.

It was also a test for her when Henry said that they could have dinner with Carl.

Nancy knew very well that the people of SR wouldn't let her go so easily.

When she called Henry in the hotel, she was very tired. She was taking a rest with her eyes narrowed, but she was not unconscious. She didn't sleep at all.

So she remembered clearly what Henry said when he came in and stood at the head of her bed.

As for the things in Stefan's hands, she didn't forget. She could only take them back at the right time.

She couldn't let Henry or the people of SR get suspicious before she got full trust.

This was a battle of great disparity in strength. Nancy knew that she was weak and could only die if she fought against SR.

Therefore, she had to try her best to hide herself from being exposed.

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