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   Chapter 98 Strong Return

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Stefan's plane flew away from Europe.

Nancy was taken to a women's prison in Europe. As soon as she got off the car, she looked up at the plane in the air with a slight smile on her face.

Different from Stefan's traffic offence, she was charged with murder.

The person who took her away was not the police, but someone from SR.

After a night of fruitless interrogation, she received a call from Metis.

"Athena, you not only failed the task, but also became rebellious. Do you know how SR deal with people like you?"

"No, I didn't." Nancy said, "If you want to commit a crime, you can always find a way out. Do you have any evidence to prove that I'm rebellious? Anyway, I have died once. You can do whatever you like. "

"Good. You have guts." After a long pause, Metis said, "Because you haven't completed your task, your contract with SR will be extended indefinitely."

Nancy had expected that.

He didn't find any information about Lily from her, nor did he get any information from the interrogation.

She didn't mean to hide it. She really didn't know.

Even if he gave lie detection on her and injected her with medicine, the result would be the same.

Because she knew nothing.

Both Metis and the assessment center of SR could only believe that she was innocent, but she was temporarily bewitched by Lily.

"You didn't complete the task, which is a fact you can't deny." "You must accept the punishment."

"What is my punishment?" Nancy asked.

At this moment, she stood outside the high wall of the women's prison, looking at the blue sky, the white clouds, and the black birds, expressionless.

Her punishment was to be imprisoned here for three years.

SR wanted to erase her yearning for freedom and completely destroy her will.

Nancy couldn't accept it.

They let her to live three years of a life of being cruel and killing, and then they wanted her to live another three years of a dark life.

How many years in her life could she waste?

She was a murderer in prison. Anyone who was locked up with her would be guilty of heinous crime.

How could these people let her live a stable life?

Nancy didn't care.

The only thought in her mind was to escape.

Because she had a bet with SR when talking with Metis.

"Well, I accept your punishment and extension of the contract period. I can be a puppet of SR all my life, but I have a condition. If I could successfully break prison in half a year, you

here. It's me!"

When he said again, Nancy recognized him.

It was Henry!

She was so happy, for she hadn't heard Henry's voice for a long time.

Why was he here?

It seemed that SR was still worried about her. The first thing SR did after she came out was to arrange a doctor to examine her.

She walked slowly, but she didn't expect that Henry would run over with an umbrella.

In the dark night, there was a person who ran over quickly just to block the wind and rain for her for one more minute.

When Nancy looked up again, Henry had blocked the rain.

"You will catch a cold." He said worriedly.

He was still smiling gently with golden-rimmed glasses. There was a thin layer of mist on his glasses.

"I'm fine," said Nancy, sniffing. "I have a good physique."

Henry said, "Let's go. I'll take you home."

He grabbed Nancy's wrist and leaned the umbrella towards her, but he was wet all over.

'Let's go home.'

Nancy thought to herself. She was pushed into the car by Henry.

'Go home.'

These two words were really magical. No matter when and where they were spoken, they would always make people feel sad.

"How could I go home? I'm alone." Said Nancy.

"It doesn't matter. You won't be alone."

Henry sneezed and took off his glasses, and he smiled, with eyes like a crescent moon. He handed the towel to Nancy, but he didn't care about himself.

"It doesn't matter." Wiping her hair, Nancy thought to herself, 'If I don't have it, I won't let anyone else have it.'

'Allen, Queenie, just wait and see!

Your happy days are coming to an end!

I, Nancy! It's my time for strong return!'

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