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   Chapter 97 Give Me The Right Of Inheritance

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The second morning, Shawn came to the police station with his lawyer and met Stefan.

Stefan walked out of the police station without any hindrance.

Some policemen even nodded and saluted him.

Everything was totally different from the time he came in.

"Mr. Mu, you don't have to worry. There won't be any case left, and it won't have any impact on your future life." The lawyer walked behind him and asked respectfully and professionally, "Did the police here use violence against you last night? If they did, I will help you to sue them. "

"No." Said Stefan.

He walked steadily and looked normal. Walking in the corridor of the police station, he seemed to be the leader here.

Following him, the lawyer was naturally affected by his temperament.

Stefan stepped out of the police station. The dazzling sunlight made him uncomfortable. After all, he didn't sleep all night.

Shawn came over and asked worriedly, "Are you all right?"

Stefan shook his head.

"I'm fine. They are polite to me." He said.

"How could they be polite?" Shawn said, "I've been in there once. I know it's hard for you."

"They are kind to me." Said Stefan.

He didn't lie. He had a very peaceful night last night.

What he had imagined, such as extorting confessions, intimidation, beating and scolding, did not appear at all.

It was just a routine inquiry. After that, he stayed in the interrogation room alone. He was not even locked up with other prisoners.

When he said, Shawn and the lawyer were a little surprised.

After getting in the car, Stefan asked, "Shawn, this... Have you alerted the chairman? "

Shawn replied, "Yes."

"Did you tell father?"

"No." Shawn said, "Didn't you ask someone to contact father? When I received his call, I was still sleeping. I didn't want to answer it, but he called me again and again. I had no choice but to answer him. I found that you didn't come back, so I answered his phone. "

With his right hand leaning against the window frame, Stefan supported his head and kept pressing his temples.

"You didn't say that. I didn't ask the police to contact him. How did he know?" He asked.

"Leave it alone. You're fine." Shawn said, "I was shocked when I heard that you were in the police station. I think it is nonsense when hearing the accusation!"

"What is my crime?" "Killing?" Asked Stefan.

"You are so mischievous." Shawn smiled,

hear him pounding the table.

Stefan didn't reply.

"You two, come back now!" Colin said, "I think you two black sheep want to piss me off. Come back as soon as possible. I've help you book the air ticket. If I couldn't see you tomorrow, I'll send someone to break your legs. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, I did." Said Stefan.

"What's the use of just hearing it?" Colin asked, "When will you come back?"

"It's up to the chairman." Said Stefan.

Shawn kept winking and glaring at them, but he didn't dare to make a sound.

It was not until the phone was hung up that he complained, "How could you promise him!"

"It's meaningless for me to stay here." Said Stefan.

He gently held the U disk in his pocket and thought, 'Nancy, take care of yourself.

I have to keep it away from here so that I can protect it better for you.'

"You go back yourself." Said Shawn. "I won't."

"Shawn, you have always been not interested in business, and you don't care about Mu Group at all. It seems that you are very generous. In the future, will you be willing when I take over Mu Group?" Stefan said casually, "Why don't you tell the chairman to give me the right of inheritance?"

When they arrived at the door of the hotel, Shawn turned his head, looked at him seriously and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I have spied on the chairman." Stefan said, "He is seriously ill."

These words were to deceive Shawn, for there was no informer.

It was his mother, Jenny, who told him. She also asked him not to tell his brother.

Stefan just wanted to know what would happen if he told his brother.

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