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   Chapter 95 Are You Still A Human Being

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"So..." Looking at the melancholy side face of Nancy, Stefan asked, "are you going to chase after the murderer even if you will die?"

"No. No, he isn't," said Nancy.

Stefan frowned.

Nancy looked up at the corridor across the window and said, "He's just a gun.

Just like me, I am just a gun held in someone's hand."

"Why did they kill her?" Stefan asked.

Shrugging her shoulders, Nancy said, "I don't know. Now the computer has been taken away and everything is gone. It's all my fault. I lost my mind."

She almost broke down for a man who looked like Simon.

Her memory was back to ten minutes ago.

At that time, she also sat here and answered the phone of Metis's.

She listened numbly, and the order to kill Lily came from the other end of the phone.

Then she spoke a lot in local language.

Lily had already noticed the danger in her eyes.

Lily knew her very well.

But she didn't run away.

Lily stared at Nancy with a bitter smile. She tapped the Morse code on the table in an orderly way.

Nancy listened to her code while she was trying to stall time with Metis.

The music was loud. Lily also knocked loudly on the table.

"She told me at that time that she was sorry that she was exposed and couldn't go with me. She told me not to disobey the order and that everything I wanted to know was in the computer."

Looking at Stefan, Nancy sighed slightly and said, "now, the computer is gone, and everything is back to the starting point."

Nancy looked at Lily and noticed that she held the sleeping pill tightly in her hand.

It seemed to be the last protection for Nancy.

Nancy took out the pills with mixed feelings.

She picked up the gun on the table and walked to the bedroom.

Stefan followed her.

He heard what she said and saw what she had just done.

Stefan was worried about her.

After all, Lily was her friend. She was dead miserably. There was no sadness in her words, and she was very calm.

Shouldn't she cry on the street like just now?

He was afraid that something bad would happen if she kept it in her heart.

He walked to the bedroom door and said, "If you want to cry, just cry. I won't laugh at you."

As soon as he finished speak

has asked some people to invade the alarm platform of this city. Even if someone calls the police, it's all his own people who answer the phone. In this world, how many people are missing for no reason every day, do you know? Nobody cares about the missing of one or two people. Besides, people in this world are ruthless and there won't be so many people who are warm-hearted to meddle in it."

After finishing the last piece of fried rice, Nancy turned her head to look at the dark sky outside the window and said, "It's cloudy today. It won't be long before it gets dark."

She washed the dishes, stretched herself and yawned.

"I'm full. I need to go to bed. I didn't sleep well last night," she said and went to the bedroom lazily.

Staring at her back and then at Lily, Stefan felt that it was indescribable weird at that moment.

"Nancy, are you still a human being?" He didn't want to stay in the living room with Lily. He stood in front of Nancy and blocked her way.

Nancy said, "What do you think I should do?"

Stefan couldn't answer, but was pushed away by her. When he looked back, she was already in bed.

"At least you should do something ordinary people will do," said Stefan.

"I don't know what to do. Can you teach me?" Nancy propped her head up and squinted at him.

"You should get rid of the corpse," Stefan said.

"Wait a minute!" Nancy turned over and looked at the ceiling.

"What are you waiting for?" Stefan had lost his patience.

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